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  1. I am interested in sciton as well! I went for a consultation and have read tons of reviews and dermatolgists opinions regarding the effectiveness of this laser, and I must say, im impressed. Hopefully someone who had this will reply!! Lol I think this is the only laser I would even attempt at this point, in also thinking about silicon micro droplet injects :s
  2. I use to have the same problem with hot showers. I would get red, blotchy, itchy, and breakouts!!! So... I now wash my hair under the faucet, and then I get in the tub, wash my body, and the rinse off with a pitcher!!! Lol all w Luke warm water, and I have never been better!!!! Lol it's a weird approach, but it works, I havent taken a regular shower n 6 months!!! It's just too steamy for me and it makes my inflammation issue flair like crazy, no longer do have that issue.
  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I know how you feel, it's a long battle and I hope we all keep fighting it )
  4. I just had a small cyst developing on my chin and I globbed a crap load of calamine on it! I felt it tingle and it actually made it smaller, so I believe it does help. My friend puts green tea bags in hers and said it works gd too.
  5. Spironolactone worked wonders for my skin for the past 8 months. But I was feeling so confident that I began to ween myself off it and started taking it every few days in lower doses and due to that my acne had returned. Since this drug does mess with ur hormones it will always cause acne when you quit taking it. It may be different fir others but I've read that others experience the same thing.
  6. That's awesome! I'm really considering that as an option after hearing that info, thanks! What dr are you working with? I'm trying to compile a list of the good ones Good luck with everything and keep us posted for sure in your progress!! I think you will be happy with the results
  7. hey, so i was thinking of the same treatment plan! I just keep putting it off bc i'm scared, but i think it would turn out fine. I'm fair skinned so hopefully not too many worries with the dermabrasion. I've researched the silicone drops and found that silicone does not take the shape or change with the body, so I think losing weight first would be better, but that's just my opinion from what I've read. Definitely consult with your doc. And who are you seeing if you don't mind?
  8. Hey, well i have a sulfa allergy, in fact it was bad when I had taken bactrim, I was rushed to the Er! Anyway, I have been on spiro since September and I have not had any breathing difficulties, itching, or breakouts. The only thing I can say is that I have lost some hair, and I'm just hoping that it is not a reaction to the sulfa I don't know if it was stress that caused the hair loss or the spiro! But it could be different for you as all of our bodies do not react the same to medications. S
  9. Thanks asar, what you said makes sense bc I was down right depressed when my face started to scar, that could be the problem, major stress! Thanks, I feel better about this whole thing!
  10. Ive been on spironolactone for almost 4 months now and I must say...wow!!! It has been a miracle for my skin. I am 27 and have never had to deal with acne until about 6 months ago fir the first time in my life!! So it's been rough. Anyway, it has slowed my facial hair and the oil production, but I have to constantly moisturize. I had improvement within the first month. If at all possible please try and stick with it ladies, I think you will start to see results. Now, the only problem that I am
  11. Hey, I as well think that spiro is working wonders with my acne, but unfortunately I have started to lose a lot of hair??!!! Did you experience any hair thinning with spiro? I have read that a lot of people are starting to have the same issue.
  12. Hey, I have been on spiro. for almost 3 months now, and let me tell you, I would say that I have lost a shitload of hair!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out, it falls out by the handfulls, and my hair never sheds. I am so depressed over this, my hair is long too and down to my waist!! It is so thin now that I think for the first time in my life I might have to cut it off like Pink's hair! I don't know what to do, and the doctors always want to say that it's not the drug, so I can never find an honest a
  13. I understand how you feel. I began acne only four months ago and it has torn my world apart. I would constantly stay inside and lay in bed all day, I had no desire to get up and do anything. I cut all of my friends off bc I didn't want to look at their perfect faces, I hated life, I cried multiple times a day bc of scarring and pimples. I drove my family insane and they were tired of dealing with it and thought I was just nuts, but they have always had clear skin and they look better than me!!
  14. Hope you are healing process is going well!
  15. Wow! U look amazing!! Congrats to you! Thanks for sharing Your experience as I might give this a shot!