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  1. Hey, first I'd like to give my condelences for your situation. I'm really sorry that you suffered because of this drug. I was wondering how common you think side effects really are?

    1. my redness is side of face near ears under eyes temple area nose my mouth areas pale im going to see if new dr can find endo, rheum, liver kidney drs
    2. thank you ive only dealt with pcp and NONE WILL REFFER ME, i got liver symptoms adrenal tumor symptoms idk...feel like they see a hypocondriac...its frustrating, when i flush my heart usually freaks out so some of its anxiety...i really dont see how we have rosacea i think it mimics it but its a warning sign something is going out, expecially with symptoms other then flushing ill have to look into seeing them i want an endo dr too Thanks for the info
    3. vitamins diet drink 2 liters water green tea decaf manuka honey probiotics these are safer treatments then creams pills
    4. yea i actually posted how accutane ruined me, i got cold hands feet purple pale skin tone, red cheeks nose rashy looking and flushing all the time, was told not rosacea was told it could be, lower back pain dry skin?? seb derm??? dry mouth constipation heavy fast heart beat hives insomnia HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TRIGLICORIDES CHOLESTEROL LIVER ENZYMES and ACNE to name a few..... I WISH IT WAS JUST FLUSHING
    5. thank you again PROBLEM is finding doctor they all say see psychiatrist or anti-depressant....its so annoying, i cant sleep either CLEARLY SOMETHINGS WRONG...ill look into the drug would it treat cold hands?
    6. so basically lupus drug for redness???? i tried v beam 1 time caused acne, i tried beta blocker helped 30 %
    7. Heyh honestly its hard to say...bp made me VERY SENSITIVE...if i were you id try safer alternatives how bads your acne?
    8. Hello Shantelle, Thank you so much for providing info "I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER" they say they checked EVERYTHING, recently homeopath DR said i was hypothyroid....MAKES NO SENSE im 150 pounds (QUIT SMOKIN)...i just feel like they either KNOW or are scared...I think scared because my homeopath TOLD ME DONT MENTION ACCUTANE, i guess they know lawsuit...the biggest problem is the FLUSHING...im extremely pale due to not leaving and its purple looking and DARK CIRCLES, i went from being cute young look
    9. Hey everyone my names Rob 21 yrs old, i just want people to know how bad accutane is for "some" I took this drug at 19 and 20 yrs old 40-60 Mgs for 4 months each time (8 months 2 years). Before accutane i was 5 foot 10 130 pounds "SKINNY LOL" ACNE on face mild-moderate, was told this was LAST RESORT and it "CURES ACNE" only side effects are- dry skin acne worse before better dont have babies or give blood.....WOW THATS IT AND IM 100% CLEAR NO OILY SKIN!!!!!!! so i signed papers began treatment