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  1. Im at the end of week 5 and i just broke out over the last week bad. My acne is now worse then when i started the regimen. I completely regret choosing this over accutane now. Im giving this 3 more weeks and if it doesnt work then never reccomending this to anyone. I am so demoralized now, this sucks.
  2. Still waiting for the emu to come in but from what ive heard it helps with mosturization and inflamation so thats always a plus. Some people also take 10-12 drops of jojoba oil and massage it into their faces for like 10 minutes, i dont know at which point of the process but that seemed to help some people.
  3. Words of wisdom. Thanks for the advice it helps knowing how other people went through it. Yeah ill definitly stick to it.
  4. Yeah i take fish oil and zinc to. Damn that sucks if the regimen didnt work for you.
  5. For me personally the redness went from red to like a tan so i dont mind it as much. But the skin should get used to it. I havent used jojoba oil but i heard that can really help. I personally just ordererd emu oil cause that is supposed to really help with mosturization to.
  6. Hahaha you cant be telling me that. How much has yours improved though, you must be at least 80-90% clear?
  7. So i just finished my 4th week on the regimen and ive been following it precisely. One problem is that im still breaking out but more then usual. If this is the point where hope is lost then its happening to me. Im going to stick the regimen for 2 more months but seriously this sucks cause i might scar from these breakouts. Ive ordered emu oil to help the recovery process. How long am i supposed to wait till i start really clearing up?
  8. No man im on week 4 to and im having the same problems your having. Ive dug through most of these forums and the concesus is that you dont see true results till around 2 months or 8 weeks. Lets just tough it out and keep consistent with the regimen.