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    GOODBYEEEE ROACCUTANE! Sooo I stopped taking roaccutane on the 30th of April. It took about a month for my lips to go back to normal, but they did in the end. No more dry skin either, no more back pain. My hair is greasier again, which I dont really mind, it looks ALOT healthier now, and it's not as bad as before roaccutane, I wash it every three days now. No pimples or spots whatsoever. I do seem to tan more easily now though. Normally I dont tan at all, but now Im quite brown. Im guess
  2. I know i know, sunbeds cause cancer and all that, but I never ever tan. Every summer I get terrible sunburns, which are really bad for you as well. So I thought about using a sunbed this summer, so that I have a bit of a tan, and so I'll be less likely to get a sunburn. In the end, it will be just as bad for my skin as getting a horrible sunburn, but I'll look better and have less pain I'm not interested in any 'Dont do it, it's sooo bad for you, you'll die' blahblahblah comments, I already kn
  3. meisje92

    10 DAYS TO GO!

    Haven't updated this in aaaaages! So. I have been taking roaccutane for 8 months minus 10 days now. Almost there! 30 mg/day I didn't see any improvements during the first 4 months, but after that, I got lots and lots better. Right now, I don't have any acne whatsoever. So so happy! In March, I ran out of roaccutane and had to wait for 2 weeks until I could take it again. My lips and hair got so much better during those 2 weeks, so Im positive that they will go back to normal after my
  4. FINALLY! My skin is definitely getting better. My back is more or less clear. Still some old red marks, but they're quite light and I expect them to fade in the next couple of weeks. No new spots at all. YAY! My face is also finally clearing up. Not entirely clear yet, and I still get the occassional spot - or spotS I should say. I think I have about 3 big ones in my neck now, and some spots that aren't really pimples, just red marks that doesn't make me have an even skintone. But they don
  5. meisje92

    Month 6: Maybe pregnant :)

    Oooh I really hope your pregnant! Good luck!
  6. Yay!! FINALLY some improvement! So my back is pretty much clear now (not completely but oh well), which is a huuuge relief. For some reason, Ive always found bacne worse than facial acne. For some reason, facial acne seems more... acceptable in my eyes. Bacne is just... eeeeww. My face is getting worse again, which is really frustrating after freakin' 96 days! And on top of that, Ive run out of foundation and for some reason I can't find any decent foundation in this country. The one I use
  7. meisje92

    Am i doing the right thing?

    A dermatologist is a doctor who's specialised in skin problems. I don't live in the US, but got great help anyway.And chocolate is related to some very light types of acne, but thats probably not the type of acne you have.What you're doing is good, but if it's not enough to keep your skin clear, consult a dermatologist. You can go to a GP too, they could help you, but if even that's not enough, a dermatologist is the next step.
  8. meisje92


    Heya! I know what you're going through. My friends all have perfect skin.I would suggest going to a dermatologist. They know what to do, none of us one on here can give you better advice than them. They can also prescribe medication which might clear your skin completely.Apart from that, I find that drinking loads of water helps. Not much, but still. If you really want a permanent solution though, you'll have to go to a dermatologist.
  9. So I was so sick of not having any improvement at all. I started taking 40mg/day instead of 30. My derm does not know this. I'm an idiot, I know. Anyway, It's like the 9th day Im on 40mg today, I will go back to 30mg in 3 days, and I haven't noticed any difference at all. No extra side-effects, no improvement. FML
  10. meisje92

    Day 58 - 40mg one day, 20mg the next...

    Yeah I think it's definitely the low dosage. My dermatologist doesn't want to change it unless I start wearing glasses instead of contacts. I don't even have glasses anymore, so that's not really an option.Anyway, I still have to take it for another 5 or 6 months, so it will get better eventually I guess. And it does get better sometimes, but then after a few days, it gets worse again, quite frustrating!Well, if you find out whether it makes a difference, please let me know! :)And good luck to y
  11. meisje92

    Day 58 - 40mg one day, 20mg the next...

    Heya! I was just wondering if there's actually a difference between 30 mg/day and 40mg one day, 20 the next day?Im on 30mg/day and have hardly any side-effects, apart from dry lips, but no real improvement either (day eighty-something today..) My dermatologist doesnt want to uppen my dose though, because I wear contacts. So I was wondering if 40 one day and 20 the next would make a difference. Or does it not matter at all? Or do you have no idea?
  12. A few days ago, I went to my dermatologist. He said he could see improvement. My forehead is more or less clear. That might be true, but I have a fringe anyway, so I don't really care that much. He admitted that my neck, the part just under my ears, still looks pretty awful. Foundation seems to hide most of it nowadays though. But still, it's not very nice. My shoulders aren't exactly attractive either. And there are still some spots on my arms as well. My chin has always been quite unpred
  13. I forgot to take any lip balsem or vaseline today. Nightmare! I have such a headache right now. Could be due to a lack of sleep though. My acne seems to get a little better now. Still no 'clear up overnight' effect though...
  14. meisje92

    Day 60 - Im running out of foundation!

    Thank you, that's really reassuring! My back doesn't hurt that much though, so I'll see what my dermatologist says... 10 more days.No I'm not dutch. But I'm belgian, so I do speak dutch.
  15. Day 60 and still no improvement. Im getting desperate! My back hurts a little more often than usual now. And Ive got a sore neck. But that might be due to the fact that it's freezing outside, and I was stupid enough not to take any winter clothes with me to uni, resulting in a cold and a sore neck. Or due to a combination of Roaccutane and cold weather. Whatever. I keep using LOADS of foundation to hide my acne, which makes me look orange, but Id rather look orange than having my face c