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  1. I have been on accutane for 1.5 months now and love the results so far! I never had cystic or too bad of acne but I had/have pretty bad blackheads. They also turned very big and dark and I had a date today so lat night I was stupid and tried to pop them out, carefully. However it left 2 small red marks on my chin....does anyone know what I should do to try to get rid of them so they dont scar bad or how long they should take to fade? I now know to not ever pop them on tane...Thanks!
  2. I am on my second month of accutane and am loving the resultant. However I had very dark blackheads and was stupid and popped them out. Now I have red marks the day after ...does anyone know when they should disappear?
  3. and im doing very well...I think My liver is fine after the 30 day blood test and I boost up from 30 mg to 40 mg...i also have youtube videos showing my journey...my camera makes it hard to see my acne though cause its not the best quality haha but please share stories, comment and join me in my journey! Also if anyone has major blackheads show up after like 20 days and they still wont go away...how long around will it take them to? I think they might start to be going away from my chin but my