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  1. I was told at the end of my second round that i wouldn't allowed to go on it again - but it's something that i could enquire about anyway and see what they say.My skin is very oily, but sometimes i think it can be a bit dehydrated from within. I've tried being gentler with it instead of using washes and creams specifically targeted towards oily skin prone to acne (as i have heard this can make the skin want to produce more oil) but there was no difference. My skin when i was on accutane was so
  2. Helllo, Side note, this is my first post so i hope that i'm posting in the correct place! I've suffered with debilitating acne since the age of 15 but was always told "Don't worry, you'll grow out of it!" Unsuprisingly to me, I haven't... i'm 22 now and still have a face like a pizza. I feel as though i have tried every route imaginable, and no product or pill has helped me long term. I've been prescribed numerous antibiotics when i was younger, along with a multitude of topical treatment