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  1. Thanks! I definately will come to you if I have any questions or concerns... I may post something or just come to you directly... Atm I am in dire need of assistance with choosing the proper treatment.. I have an idea, but I just need a co-signer... Ugh and I WISH you could help me find a great Doctor as well...lol
  2. Wow...Sorry for the late reply... lol I try to stay away from this site because it can sometimes be debby downer. Plus my skin was starting to improve... Or so I thought... It's a continual rollercoaster ride with my skin... Good..Bad..Good...EVEN WORSE...GOOD...Bad again... Very frustrating... I even got some new arrivals on my face [scars/dark spots]... JUST when I was almost getting to my goal... Oh well.. like always I'm just gonna have to suck it up.. Start over.... At least I know for sure
  3. Cool. So how did the C02 laser treatment go?
  4. I am not sure if everyone already knows of this site, so I am just referring to those who don’t know about it. It's a site that real people ask common and non common q's about things related to the face/skin, body, etc. The questions are either answered by real PROFESSIONAL doctors or people who have had the same experiences. I saw it and thought it was quite useful. So, why not share it??? RealSelf.com (Main Page) These are photos posted by some of the doctors who are active on the site. Bef
  5. I can't comment on the doctor thing to much because I barely see doctors. I can say that some are just money hungry and lazy. I'd hope the doctor I'm going to visit soon is honest, but in these times EVERYONE is trying to get their money’s worth. Not only doctors...but a lot of these products around for treating acne and acne scars are bit of a scam.... I been trying to look for a topical agent to help improve the VERY shallow acne scars I have, but everything just seems to be a buncha BULL!
  6. WOW! GGG While you made some GREAT points, I just think that giving up isn't an option! I know it feels like s**t just won't get anywhere. I just can't help but take in account that your thoughts are similar to those who give up on "life"? NOW, before you think that I'm bashing you! I would like to just say I know exactly how you feel! And, not just with my SKIN, but with a myriad of other issues I went/going through. I don't want you to give up. You just absolutely can't! Change is inevi
  7. LOL i knew it would BE HARD for most.. but because I wrote sooo much I didn't want people to just over look it because all they saw was A BUNCHA words.... If it is hard, just copy it all and paste it on wordpad.. lol or something.... I apologize for it being sooo confusing, but I wanted to make sure it was noticed! and thanks for the PM @frannymae!
  8. I know of a few oils/topicals you can use to try an rid you from your delima. Now when I first began to break-out it was all minor acne-not entirely visible to other. Then, I began to get the HUGE pimples and white heads under my cheeks. Some of them caused me to get some serious dark spots. In fact, I was using some kind of method to rid me of the pain and redness of certain pimple (a method I will not disclose because it is not safe NOR is it smart, but I was desprate.); anyways, that method
  9. I am curious of which of these 3 acne products work. I have tried the old Proactiv, and got no results, but I have seen that they have a new Proactiv solution. Anyways, the 3 are: MaxClarityMurad Acne ComplexProactiv I just want to know if anyone has had any results with these products. Im looking for both good and bad feedback for each product. Thanks! ^__________^