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  1. I can show you the Bare Minerals photos but I only used Bare Minerals as a top layer in them, so I'm not sure if it would be fair comparison! Feel free to message me if you have any questions
  2. When I spend a couple of weeks without wearing make-up at all I always notice that my skin looks better, whichever make-up I'm using at that time. As natural and 'non pore clogging' as the make up you use may be, it's still make-up- although mineral make-up is always a better option! I use Lily Lolo and it's by far the best brand I've come across- I would definitely recommend it. I wrote a blog post about it a couple of days ago, feel free to check it out here if you think it could help
  3. Just in case anyone is interested in my current 'make-up routine' check out my blog post here
  4. Anyone living in Europe should consider trying out Lily Lolo! I began using Lily Lolo Mineral Make Up last year when I started looking for something cheaper than bareMinerals Mineral Makeup, and I've never gone back! I absolutely love it, and would recommend it to anyone with acne prone skin. You can get samples for really cheap if you're not sure of the shade that suits you best, and the actual foundation pots are huge and last forever! I wrote a blog post about it here if anyone's the slightes
  5. Hi there! Basil does in fact have antibacterial properties and I have also heard it can be helpful when used as a toner. I have never tried it myself, but this article explains how you can make a great basil facial astringent and toner, you should check it out! Another option would be to eat basil, as it is really anti-inflammatory. I love tossing some fresh basil leaves into my salads, and another great way to eat basil is by making into a dressing you can use on your salads or anything e
  6. I use to get these cravings for cheese, mainly because I was on a high carb low fat diet. It wasn't until I added nuts/seeds/coconut oil into my daily raw vegan life style that these went away. I thing your body was just craving some fat sources, and cheese is a great source of fat. I never once had a sugar or sweets craving because my diet is always high in fruits, your body was telling you to add in fats, not necessarily dairy fats like cheese. Although I do not usually eat seeds, I do eat
  7. Please look into raw dairy products. I stuck to a dairy free diet for quite some time, and although it DID help a great deal in getting my skin to be clearer, it just felt like something was missing. I would have strong cravings for it, and they weren't the same kind of cravings I used to have for sugar. It felt like the cravings I got when I hadn't eaten a salad or some sort of vegetable in a while and my body desperately needed it. It's strange but I found myself pouring a huge glass of (paste
  8. My red marks seem to disappear more quickly when I apply coconut oil to my skin. Some people love coconut oil, some people hate it as it tends to break them out really badly, so be careful if you haven't tried it yet! Red marks seem to change throughout the day because we over-analyse our skins in different mirrors and different lights. I think the best thing you can do to makes your red marks appear less red is to moisturize using a natural moisturizer surch as jojoba oil or coconut oil and to
  9. Dairy was breaking me out badly. Until I switched to raw dairy products. Unpasteurized dairy products are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Don't cut out dairy just because pasteurized dairy is crap. If you stick to Weston. A. Price Dietary Guidelines you should be clear in no time! http://www.westonaprice.org/basics/dietary-guidelines (don't worry, not trying to sell you anything!!)
  10. I am not looking for a quick fix, I've been living an overall healthy life for a while now and I have managed to cure my acne. This is just something I'm trying out... I'm quite aware that it's 'limiting and restrictive'...
  11. Hi there, It's been a while since I posted on acne.org. I do have a look around once in a while, but as my signature says; my skin has gotten a lot better so I'm not as obsessed as I was. Anyway, I started this topic because although my skin HAS gotten better and is pretty clear I've been really busy lately and haven't been keeping my diet as under control as much as I wish, and I've been getting a few pimples. I came across a topic on here saying that fasting was really effective, and alt
  12. You don't really need to purchase the same exact products I use. Or, actually- used. I don't use Bare Minerals anymore, I've switched to Lily Lolo. You just have try different things out, mix and match and have plenty of patience! xxxx
  13. I've been using Spirulina in my smoothies, and have to say that I did notice some improvement. But I lately bought spirulina and chlorella in a 50/50 tablet form because my health store was out of the powdered form. I have been taking the tablets each morning on an empty stomach, and the improvement is FAR more noticeable (even though I have not been very strict with my diet lately )
  14. you're welcome! what's written in your signature sounds great, it should definitely work! are you seeing any improvement yet?