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  1. Eucerin is a fantastic brand. My old Neals Yard moisturiser stopped working and my skin started getting really scaly and flaky, so I started using Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream 5% Urea and it is fantastic. It's very easy to apply, doesn't leave your face looking shiny, and soaks in very quickly. The first few times I used it, it did sting quite a bit. However the stinging subsided after 2-3 days, and now my skin is silky smooth! Can't recommend it enough, one of those 50ml lasts me abou
  2. Well I've been off Accutane about a month now. Never thought I'd say this but I miss the dry skin, the oilyness has come back. Not as bad as it used to be, but like before my face is slightly oily several hours after washing it. Had a whitehead or two pop up which vanished after a few hours.. but I've been spot free for 2-3 months now. The redness is still noticeable in sunlight, but it's not really something I worry about. I feel a hell of a lot more confident now and despite how rough accut
  3. 19/07/2011 - Day 111(?) or something (3 Months 3 weeksish) 8 more days left, but I only have enough pills for 6 D: Ah well. Let's hope my skin stays this way when I'm off it, got a derm appointment in a month.
  4. 06/07/2011 - Day 96 (3 Months something something) Quick update. Might just be my paranoia.. but I swear my hair is thinner than it used to be. I took a couple of pictures of my skin on my phone, but ehhh the camera doesn't do justice to how good my skin actually looks.
  5. Thanks Yeah after a month I was clear. It probably helps I drink around 4 liters or water a day or something 06/07/2011 - Day 94 (3 Months something something) Well I got 3 weeks left, had a nightmare last night that I broke out really badly. Ran into the bathroom and stared at my face for a few minutes, fuuuh. Well my lips have been getting even drier, haven't had a spot for over 2 months, s'all good.
  6. Not sure if I have any before photos since obviously I used to avoid showing my skin when it looked bad, however I used to get really bad cysts every other month :/ And yeah I keep meaning to take a picture 22/06/2011 - Day 85 (3 Months) Well it's been 3 months of chapped lips and dry skin, one month left. Unfortunately I've been really ill since Saturday, not sure if it's related to tane or not but eh, got some sort of flu. Anyway I have no active spots anywhere.. I had a little wh
  7. 16/06/2011 - Day 79 (11 weeks) All is good, haven't had a spot in months which still amazes me. Most people who knew what I looked like before I went on it tell me I look like a completely different person. The redness kinda sucks but well it's so much better than having acne. Just under 7 weeks left till I'm done I'll post pictures eventually, my SLR is boxed away since I've been in the middle of redecorating, and my iPhone doesn't really capture how good my skin looks now.
  8. Ha I'll take some soon(ish,) I've been busy passing my driving test like a pro 05/06/2011 - Day 68 (9 weeks) My skin has been pretty much the same for the last month now, slight redness, no new spots. I haven't had a cyst in like... over a month which is amazing! I was given Isotrexin to put on my scars but I've only been able to do it once, my skin is just waaaay too dry to use it, when I put it on last time it felt like my skin was burning As for my shoulders, well I have one or two spot
  9. 25/05/2011 - Day 57 (2M) Saw my derm today, he said since my skin is doing so well I'll remain on 40mg a day, he also gave me some Ixotrexin to put on my scars and some Nicam gel for the redness. He told me to finish out my 2 remaining months and see him 2-3 weeks after I'm off the accutane. I'm still having problems with my bipolar disorder and anxiety, but I'm guessing that has more to do with certain circumstances rather than the accutane. Either way I'm very happy with my skin, I haven't
  10. 04/05/2011 - Day 36 (1M/1W) Skin has completely cleared up, haven't had any major spots in a week. My chest is completely smooth, before there were like.. blackheads n crap there and it was all bumpy. My shoulders are so much better, just some blemishes of previous spots etc Only side effects I'm getting are dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. Oh and slight redness of the face. Most of my early assumptions about it affecting my mental health were probably wrong, I think I just read into Accutane
  11. 27/04/2011 - Day 29 (1 Month) First month down, still alive, yay. All the blackheads on my nose sort of just vanished, which is awesome because it seems to be working well, plus a month ago my nose was COVERED. Haven't had any major side effects. Mentally I've been a bit sketchy, it could just be like, a bad month or something, or it could be the accutane. I've been depressed because of other circumstances in my life anyway.. Recently I've found it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep
  12. 21/04/2011 - Day 23 Well just got past 3 weeks, accutane is definitely working. I wake up every day with dry skin which is amazing. Got 2 cysts up still, a giant one between my eyes which is incredibly frustrating.. But I guess I just need to power through it. Most people who I've spoken to about my skin tell me to stop worrying about it since nobody cares, which is true I suppose, doesn't change the fact that whenever I look in the mirror I feel like a freak. Anyway wish me luck :>
  13. 12/04/2011 - Day 14 Well second week, the effects have been here for over a week anwyays. Major dry lips, dry flaky skin etc. I went for a run on Saturday and the day after I had a huge breakout. So I'm thinking I should maybe avoid cardio for a while, that or it was just a poorly timed initial breakout. In terms of dryness, I can wake up in the morning and there wont be like.. anything on my face at all. So I pretty much just wash my face with warm water since I'm worried about completely dry
  14. Yuuh but it'll totally be worth it since we'll look awesome :> 03/04/2011 - Day 5 Not sure if it's the tane or something else but I'm noticing myself becoming more impatient, the smallest things seem to piss me off which wouldn't have even bothered a week ago. Like if I'm texting and it autocorrects it into something I didn't want, normally I'd be like "k" and fix it, now I feel like throwing my phone out the window. Also woke up with a persistent headache, could just be an off day or coul
  15. Well I'm 19 and I finally got my roaccutane pills. I've been struggling with mild cystic acne for just over 5 years now, I'm not gonna write down my entire story since all of you are (or have been) in the exact same situation as me I've been on countless other antibiotics and topical gels, lymecycline, doxycycline, BP, duac.. Isotrexin topical gels, you name it I've tried it. I've tried several different diets, such as cutting out sugars, milk, etc and nothing has worked for me. I even resorte