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  1. Hi All - I'm 37 have cystic acne, worst ever this year, and at its worst I was diagnosed with Fybrocystic Breast Condition - which are non malignant cysts in the breasts. Does anyone else have this condition as well as adult cystic acne?? Could there be a link between the two?? Its obviously hormonal but apart from knowing that I'm at a loss. I'm due to have a biopsy soon and was told by the Breast Surgeon that the fluid which is drained from the breasts cysts is basically pus (beautiful).. an
  2. Just looked in the mirror at my acne for the 100000th time today and do you know what? I may have acne, and a shiny bloody face, but I'm still good looking! That mantra is gonna get me through today .... x
  3. I'm thinking of using a Vit C Serum for my very oily skin - has anyone tried this before with good results or do you think I should steer clear??
  4. I had mine removed for the same reason, I noticed my acne getting better little by little afterward, it may take a little while b/c of the hormone involved, our body has to re-adjust.