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  1. I want Accutane. But right now my skin is almost clear except for a million redmarks and 2 small cysts. I use Dan's Regimen which can help keep my skin mostly clear but it's a pain in the butt to use. And it isn't going to cure my acne. I go to college soon and do not want to struggle with acne and a complex regimen there. If I stop using the regimen even for a week my skin will break out like crazy; I have moderate acne which is mostly suppressed with the regimen. My acne is persistent as I hav
  2. HereUntilCLear

    End Result?

    The regimen is effective. It can keep my skin clear. But it's a constant battle between dry/flaky skin and oily/over-moisturized skin. Life on the regimen is annoying to say the least. It takes an extra hour to get ready in the morning and at night for bed. I hate walking around like my face is wet paint; if any gets too close to my face, I freak out. I'm going to college next year and I don't want to bring the regimen with me. I know if I stop using it, i'll break out bad. The regimen and c
  3. HereUntilCLear

    Regimen That Got Me Clear With Pictures

    Yes it should work great either way let me know how it goes! Ok well here to let you know how it's been goin since its been a while now. Honestly, can't say it has helped or hurt. I haven't been 100% consistent with it but pretty decent nonetheless. I'm going to continue because it's easy and still healthy for me overall. But so far, not impressed.
  4. HereUntilCLear

    Regimen That Got Me Clear With Pictures

    Hey man started you're regimen on Monday. It's easy so no complaints yet but i realized that you said that the probiotic should be a capsule. Mines a tablet. Will it still work?
  5. Are antibiotics pointless? Do antibiotics ever clear anybody up for good? I'm certaintly not going to take them forever so why are they even prescribed? Whats the goal with them?
  6. HereUntilCLear

    Flaky or Greasy?

    Hmm. I might have to give that a try. How bad was your acne before this regimen?
  7. HereUntilCLear

    Flaky or Greasy?

    Wow carmusen... Idk what to say. That's a lot to take in. And sounds like a real chore, even at night. Not sure I'm up for that challenge but since that is your nighttime regimen, so what do you do during the day? Nothing?
  8. HereUntilCLear

    Flaky or Greasy?

    So Carmusen your skin doesn't look greasy or oily after doing that?
  9. HereUntilCLear

    Flaky or Greasy?

    Thanks guys but actually I'm already doing both of those. I already use way under what's recommended for BP and i use AHA when i start to get flaky. Its like having acne is a full time job without any benefits. It sucks. Kinda makes me want accutane but i feel like a derm would make me go through dozens of crazy treatments worse than dan's before i ever got it because my acne is only moderate yet persistent as a mofo.
  10. HereUntilCLear

    "You have white stuff on your face."

    BP shouldn't be visible at all it you allowed it to soak in all the way. Idk bout make up tho
  11. HereUntilCLear

    Flaky or Greasy?

    I have been on the regimen for a bit over a year. Works great but one huge problem. My skin is always dry and flaky from the bp or greasy and oily from moisturizer. Is there anyway to stay in the happy middle? As a guy i don't wanna carry around lotion to take care of my flakes or carry oil absorbent sheets to suck up my wet face. Does everybody have this problem? This is almost as bad as the acne itself. I'm getting really fed up with it.
  12. HereUntilCLear

    Solodyn...More Breakouts?

    Idk bout this product but it'd be weird for you to break out that quickly. This is something you would really need to discuss with your derm. Maybe find a new product?
  13. HereUntilCLear

    Is BP right for me?

    Yeah your skin looks pretty clear. So if you just want to reduce redness find a nice light moisturizer.
  14. HereUntilCLear

    Sudocrem on DKR

    Idk anything bout sudocrem but from what ive heard and with my own personal experiences, there's generally not much you can do with PIH. Odds are you will just irritate your skin and possible cause more pimples=more PIH. Time is bout the only that truly works. And if this does work, the results will probably be minuscule. I know, PIH sucks.
  15. HereUntilCLear

    New Moisturizer and glycerin theory...

    While i have no clue what glycerin really is, you should be careful and do a patch test first. Messing with new products/new combinations can possibly really irritate and burn. Happens usually even when i try a new moisturizer.