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  1. This guy took accutane (isotretinoin). Look at his lips in the second picture compared with its first.
  2. In my opinion, no. As long as you take accutane you can eat whatever you want. It may be unhealthy, but it will not bring you acne.
  3. I am taking 20mg twice a week now. (monday and friday at lunch time). My sebaceous filaments in the nose are gone for good. Unbelievable. I really wasn't expecting this.... after so many failures. Besides, dry lips are completely manageable due to low dose. It is not dry at all.
  4. Josie8888: I started with 20mg daily but now I am on 20mg a week and it is perfect. That way I can avoid dry lips and maintain my skin perfect. This is the way. Wish you success!
  5. I am 31 years old. And sometimes I get acne on my chest, shoulder or back as well. Accutane 20mg daily or Accutane 40mg once a week should do the trick. The first thing you will notice is gthe complete end of body acne even that eventual pimple.
  6. Sd85: How about having a pimple every week, that may leave u a scar, how is that sound? Besides oily skin is a damn. Persistent acne, non severe. Antibiotics doesn' work. I know what i am doing. 16 years suffering from acne. 20mg is making my skin becomes near perfect. I will make some experiments in order to lower the dose even more. Maybe 60mg a week
  7. How long should dry lips effect lasts after I stop medication? I am on a maintenance dose of 20mg daily, but due to dry lips effect I am considering changing to 20mg every other day. What do you think about that ? 20mg every other day for maintenance?
  8. Wicky: Day 7 so far. I used to have at least a pimple every 4 days (usually behind ears, neck, sometimes back or chest). Not a single pimple showed up since I started. I do have sebaceous filaments on my nose. So far it didn't diminish the amount of junk. I am waiting for a month to complete and then, maybe I will jump to 40mg daily (20mg AM and 20mg PM) Some advices: 1) Simply don't pick at all. Try to educate yourself. I know how it can be a temptation. 2) I don't use any crea
  9. Don't even think about suicide. Ever think in anybody without a leg or arm? In a chair wheel? They all have reasons to live. Why don't you have it? This drug (Accutane) is powerful, believe it man. You may have to skip to 60 or 80mg. But trust me, you will get better..... Remember to take accutane after lunch, because accutane dissolves better with fat. I think you should take 80mg: 40mg at lunch (or 2x20mg) and 40mg at dinner (or 2x20mg). Do that and have faith. Trust me.
  10. Wicky, Why don't you try 20mg daily, endless..... like I am doing. So far so good.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I am also on a 20mg routine, but daily. Side effects = minimal, basically dry lips, but nothing serious. I weight 76kg. Why didn't I think about that 10 years ago? ( I am 31). I would have avoided a lot of scars. In spite of being on accutane twice in the past (full treatment), long term micro/low doses seems to be a light at the end of tunnel. Most likely people will say that it's wrong to do that endless... but you know what... I know what I have suffered in
  12. Hi. First of all, calm down. You need to be pacient. I think you should follow a 20mg/40mg daily routine depending of your weight and objective - maintenance or regular treatment. You must not pick at all on anything from now on, doesn't matter how bad it is. You need discipline! Try to use only accutane, avoid any other pills, even vitamin.
  13. You're right. I am 31, have used roaccutane twice and Im a pretty much clear, as your photo, however I was getting pimple once in a while, lots of blackheads on nose and oily face. Now I am doing a maintenance dose of 20mg daily. I am at day 5. What dose did your doctor prescribe for you?
  14. You're welcome. I'm in 167-168lb range, and I am following a 20mg low dose treatment only for maintenance, I barely had pimples anymore. Just trying to eradicate nose blackheads and never give a chance for a pimple eventually pop up in my face.
  15. Maybe I haven't made myself clear. Usually I am pro-low dose accutane since I am getting this treatment by myself. (20mg daily). I must say: 20mg daily seems to be very safe apart from minor side effects, like dry lips. In my opinion, 20mg daily every other day is not as effective and it might compromise results, even in a maintenance treatment. Of course this is yet better than nothing.