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  1. Regarding your vitamin D post, I'd just thought I'd add something in there. I was recently found to have extremely low levels of vitamin D, and b12. I don't know if the two vitamins are related, but what we did find out was that I could have hyperparathyroidism. Many posts I've found of people diagnosed with it had low levels of these vitamins. And low and behold, I also have inflamed acne. What I do know is that this disease will shut down your absorption of vitamin D, and so you may end up d
  2. Hello all. I haven't been around a while but just thought I'd open up a possibility. For the past two years now we have been investigating my symptoms and health problems in an attempt to find out what I may have. Among one of my symptoms is acne, something I had never had in my life prior to two years ago ( I am 22 now.) I also lurk on acne.org, reading many of your posts on diet and acne connection, of which I know a considerable amount. I have been on an acne free diet for some time now ( tw
  3. Honestly, three days isn't long enough to prove your combination may work. You need to give it considerably longer. That's what I did with a holistic diet, which I've tried for 2 years, and has not worked for me. You may find yourself to relapse. I am not trying to be negative--just realistic. I would first try absolutely cleaning up your diet before you try any "magic" pill combinations.
  4. Yeah, I've tried everything. Even ate what people would consider the ideal acne diet for two years. It is acne that is persistent and annoying on a daily basis. My fear is not being able to find a doctor to prescribe it. Can a general practitioner ( not a derm ) prescribe it?
  5. In my personal experience, dairy products had to be the first thing to go. That's usually the case for a lot of people. If not clear by then, unfortunately any and all wheat products are what does it for most people who take the dietary route. It sucks, I know. But it usually works. I would honestly try being off the milk for about a month and see how you do. If you are cleared, it is probably the trigger. If you still have lingering acne, it may be the wheat and you are unintentionally "acnei
  6. Hello all. Sorry if this question has been asked before, or if there is a thread on it. If there is, let me know as I am new. Anyhow, hey. Question for you all. Is it ok to go on Accutane for what I consider moderate acne? If so, what is the best way to go about it? My acne is bad enough from what I can see ( occurring primarily on the right side of my face ) and i've had it for 4 years since 18. I'm now 22. The problem with it is that it is VERY deep under the skin, and in a strange pattern
  7. Maybe it's because the majority of us in the United States eat genetically modified apples, and are now beginning to be allergic to these foods because of the bacterium they were modified with. Just a thought. I have heard GMO foods may cause to be start being allergic to that food. Do you eat organic apples?
  8. Yes, if your appendix was defective, it could have very well made your acne worse. Maybe the case with mine! Mine was bright red, and not sure how but appendix is a common thing to lose and I feel losing it has no bad impact. It could have been releasing toxins as it was near the ileocecal valve, which is a muscle like structure. As far as I know it helps along digestion in the colon, so the appendix could have bugged it. Yes, just take it easy. Don't exercise yet, give yourself MORE than enoug
  9. No. It will not impact your acne for greater or for worse. I had both my appendix AND gallbladder out. If anything, it's actually given me less acne. Do not exercise for a while. I would wait even longer than they say due to personal experience. I began running after a few weeks ( I like to jog ) and still had some pain up under there. Give your body more than a month in my opinion. It never hurts to wait. I assure you, your acne will not creep up on you with a vengeance.