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  1. Thanks for the info . . I am trying and do exercise etc and a lot of the time I feel normal, especially when I get distracted. I think my biggest fear is knowing how accutane can make you feel when you're on it and returning to that state and then sometimes I get into a panic .. I do believe to some extent that its a state of mind and by being as positive as possible you kinda 'train' yourself out of it. Definitley anxiety there though that I never had before the drug. Just gotta keep bein posi
  2. Ok, I've searched through the accutane posts and couldn't find much about this. While I was on accutane my mood was really up and down, sometimes anxious and depressed and sometimes ok. When I finished taking it I was still felt quite low initially but my mood begin to elevate and I felt I was returning to normal. It is now 8 full weeks on since I took my last tablet and although my skin is clear, I have a constant level of anxiety that I never had before accutane and have difficulty sleeping, s
  3. Does anyone know whether it is better to keep clean shaven or to let beard grow?? I prefer clean shaven but would be willing to let stubble grow that bit longer before shaving if less frequent shaving helped my acne. Any thoughts???
  4. I like to use a wax or clay wax in my hair but if I go to sleep with the product in then it gets onto my pillow and then onto my face and causes breakouts. Do all wax / clay products do this or are there ones which do not?? Are there any good alternatives that don't cause breakouts??