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  1. so a popped zit is broken skin? I am currently using Dans BP, and i dont believe it says anywhere not to use on broken skin. Can anything bad happen if benzoyl peroxide is applied to broken skin?
  2. hey soxfan. I recently started taking doxycycline for my pimples as well. Call me crazy, but i noitced some random scarring (in areas where there is no pimples) whilst on doxy. I dont know why i got them or if doxy was the cause. Do u have any sideffects with doxy (i.e. diarrhea)? Also do you take probiotics?
  3. Well I was on .1 for about 4.5 weeks but it was too harsh (my pores were normal though) and then stopped for about 3 weeks-1 month and then went back to the derm and was given .5 and I've used that up until about now which is nearly 6 weeks, and it cleared me up but about 2 weeks or so ago I noticed my pores were giant and I've stopped using it for the time being. And your post didn't scare me, if anything it gave me a little hope that they may not be scarred.. thats weird, i have alway
  4. yes i ve heard that lasers do nothing for icepick scars. Is there even anything that works for icepicks? Even the shallow ones?