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  1. birth control was the only thing that really helped me. I am dependent on it though unfortuantly. If i go off of it my skin gets out of control.
  2. I have come to conclusion that I have hormonal acne. I was on Ortho T-Lo for several years then went off of it. My skin immediately started to break out on my chin . I said to myself that maybe it is just my hormones adjusting to me not being on the birth control anymore. It started out with small pimples, then this huge painful cystsuddenly appeared under my skin that lasted for weeks. It was so painful I was taking asprin to try and ease the pain. I was telling myself, ok still a reaction from
  3. I currently have 3 of those nasty things on my chin. These I actually dont want to come to the surface cause it seems like it takes even longer for it to go away, so hoping they just disapear on their own. when they are painful and i mean PAINFUL. i think is when you have to worry and plan for the worst.
  4. Iv discovered whenever I am clear and I get into a conversation about acne with someone, people find it hard to believe that you had that bad of acne. I remember talking with a friend and telling her that at one point my acne was bad enough that I didnt want to go out in public amd she goes "Im sure it wasnt THAT bad"
  5. Its slowly drying up it looks like today but thats because I gave in and went back on oral medicine. *sigh*
  6. Thanks! I use Ortho Tricyclne Lo and Septra together with some topicals on the side. Septra, I really wanted to stop cause it isnt good for long term use but its like im dependent on it. Both products from what I hear are a hit and miss with everyone but luckily they work for me.
  7. Just an update, I had to go back on my birth control because the condition was getting bad again and I was becoming depressed. I wanted to stop it before it got severe. Im convinced my acne is hormonal now. Good Luck with yours don't let it get out of control, its not worth it. *Sigh*
  8. Is the bump actually a pimple or a scar? I have bump scar from from a cyst a looooong time ago, that got badly irriated when a dentist pressed down on my face. And it left like a small lump of scar tissue, not really noticable, but its there.
  9. Ever since I got off my expenisve birth control my acne has been going nutz. Iv been trying to keep it under control with topicals but it didnt seem to be enough. I was hoping I would of grown out of it somewhat by now. Anyway I woke up this morning and had cluster a pustules all close together on the corner of my mouth going down. I wont lie, yes it looked pretty disgusting. What kind of got me though was my husbands reaction, he's used to me having clear skin so when he saw it, he says, and i
  10. I just got off the pill about a month ago and my chin is taking the full effect of it. Iv been trying to control it with gels and lotions hoping that it will pass. My skin and hair get super oily so iv been making sure to take a shower everyday otherwise I would look like a total grease ball. I was really hoping I would of grew out of my acne by now. Iv been on and off oral medications since I was 13 and I'm 24 now. I can't imagine what state my insides are in right now.
  11. I notice flaws, but to me it is not nearly a big deal as it would be If I were in their shoes. Like I could still see myself befriending that person. But whenever I have a bad breakout I dont see how anyone could even stand to look at me.
  12. I hope I am able to contain it, the cyst finally came to the surface and woo. its not a pretty sight, its probably going to leave a scar. I am hoping that these are not going to occur often, id really like to stop taking pills.. =\ It is so frustating cause im 24 yrs old. I should be worrying about other things, not acne.
  13. Are you suppose to put it all over your face or only on certain pimples? I use this stuff only as back up if I am out of my usual cream but when I use Tretinoin it STINGS! not burns.. STINGS! Like sticking needles in your face when it goes onto an inflamed pimple. Is there a certain way your suppose to use this stuff? It almost brought tears to my eyes on some occasions.
  14. I feel like every time I go out that is all people are looking at. If i have a massive pimple I feel like as soon as I am done talking to them they are turning to their friends an going "omg, did you see here face? Freakin nasty" but whenever i see someone else with acne I notice it but it is hardly a big deal to me for some reason.
  15. I would recommend retina micro. I would NOT use a brush or any type of microdermabrasion as they can irritate the skin. Unfortuantly you do need something that will dry out the skin because that is how the skin will eventually shed off the damaged skin.