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  1. Thats exactly what im saying. If your commited like i am to clearing up your acne you will give up almos everything. Eventually i will get back into but i need my hormone levels to decrese drastically. Yes its very hard to just quit for me. i get around8-15 boners a day and about 2-5 of them are the real hard ones that are almost impossible to say no to. Also what makes it hard is that i have 3 girls right now that all want to have sex with me. but the key is to always be doing something. Either
  2. Unfortunately creatine does effect acne. From personal experience i know that a monohydrate creatine will worsen acne. Im not exactly sure why but both my buddy and i took the same creatine and i noticed that both of our acne had worsened.
  3. You Must not masturbate for long periods of time. it will do nothing at all to only quit for 4-7days. Actually if you quit your hormone levels will rise at first, gradually your hormone levels will decrease and conclude in a healthier/ clearer face. So good luck to you as i am also quitting masturbation.
  4. Thanks JoeBloggs alot. But do you think you could tell me what you do eat, not exactly what you avoid. Thanks again i would really appreciate it. Or anyone else who could answer my question please help me.
  5. Im having a really hard time figuring out what i should eat. Im 17 and ive had acne since i was 13. Someone please tell me what exactly is good for acne. If anyone could give me a list of what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner it would be great! I would really appreciate it! PLEASE!