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  1. nah man i have a bad case of red marks from accutane, i think the only thing i could do i use tinted moisturizer or sometin fakk
  2. So i just finished a somewhat short accutane course, my skin is doin good but STUPID RED MARKS are very noticeable. I have a party lined up in about 1 and half weeks and i all i can do is hope my skin recovers from accutane really quick haha on top of that theres this girl i havent seen in a while and i know for a fact she wants to hook up, but im just too embarrased i dont know if i can go. plus she got super hot since we used to hook up a few years back lol.. such a hard decision. Anyways jus
  3. yes accutane will slow skin healing. everyone tells me that red marks will heal quickly after your done, and i hope they are right cause accutane left me with redmarks all over
  4. from my research Digestive system - probiotics or colostrum Brain- no clue lol Bones- calcium im guessing will be the best for bones Skin - zinc supplements A daily multivitamin, make sure it includes all the b vitamins too I also thought that i had poor digestion, but i also thought i had high histamine, a bad liver, etc. I find that we just try to diagnose ourselves so we can find a solution. Anyways about the poor digestion, eating 4-6 smaller meals a day is much better for you body. I hav
  5. does the ACV irritate your skin at all? im thinking of using diluted acv as a toner but im not sure if it would be beneficial or more irritating while on accutane. I also tried emu oil cause i heard good things about it but it hasnt done anything for me but make me look shiny lol
  6. ya i really hope my skin will heal itself quickly after
  7. right now my complexion is basically shit, ontop of red marks, it really sucks. I cant even leave the house without tinted moisturizer to help. so im just wondering if my complexion will improve once im off the drug? thakns
  8. nah its not shaving cause i only got facial hair on my chin and upper/lower lip.... its getting better i think... hopefully it will go away soon tho
  9. anyone else have acne on their neck that just wont go away? i just started my 4th month of accutane and while the rest of my face is clear (red marks everywhere tho) i still have persistent acne under my jaw and neck and its really pissing me off! so ya just wondering if neck acne is the last to go or something.. iuno just looking for some hope lol
  10. So im on accutane and im pretty clear but you wouldnt be able to tell by looking at me. My face is covered in red marks and i mean like 75% red marks, on my cheeks, neck, jawline, side of face, except my forehead. Anyways ive done research and ive tried to use physicians formula powder with my tinted moisturizer and i just cant get it to look anywhere near natural Ive read other threads about people red marks but they just have like a few and can get away with using some concealer. I on the o
  11. You just need to find what works for you, but the favourites seem to be Dans cleanser and cetaphil. Make sure you buy the cetaphil GENTLE cleanser as your skin will be very sensitive while on accutane. As for a moisturizer, i use a tinted moisturizer in the day to help with redness/flushing. At night i use Cetaphil or Olay. Make sure you moisturize your skin if it is very dry. -Drink lots of water -Use sunscreen -Dont pick ( you will get red marks VERY easily ) -take accutane with a fatty meal