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Freddie Horton

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  1. Freddie Horton

    Day 177

    Ok, so it's been a very, very long time since my last post. And actually, my skin is clear. Which is a first. The last few weeks have just seen my skin getting better and better, untill I forgot that it used to be a problem all together! Now, whether its the pills or the sun, well actually summer over here has been so completely shitty it can't have been the suns influence. Therefore, I declare the pills finally pulled through! That or I finally naturally grew out of it. Either way I don't care
  2. Freddie Horton

    Day 70

    Ok, so its been a while. Over a month actually. The situation is, well, the same. Unfortunately I had massive break out a few days ago, with no particularly obvious cause like alcohol or junky food. I still get the same amount of spots, and black heads, so I can just say at this point that these pills fail. What a waste of money it is producing these pills. *Sigh!* Luckily summer is round the corner though, so at least I can cook my skin and dry up all the greasy spots. Unless something a
  3. Freddie Horton

    Day 33

    So, skins looking pretty decent past few days. Its hard to tell though what actual acne I have that’s active because of previous acne scarring. Anyway my skins been pretty good past few days. It would seem this blog is ups followed by downs, like a roller coaster of acne! My shoulders aren't too good however. I never used to have a major problem with it on my back and shoulders, but recently has got quite bad. I'm just glad it's not on my face though. Unfortunately that probably means my face
  4. Freddie Horton

    Day 28

    Just as you think it's getting better, it gets worse. That's how I've always felt about acne, and here I am again, really pissed off because it's happened once again. Do you ever wake up, and just know you have some new stubborn spots on your face? Like you can feel them deep under your skin; the really red, sore ones that won't go down no matter what you do to it. It's been 1 month since starting my pills, and I am totally impressed at how my skin hasn't changed one bit. I have witnessed no
  5. Freddie Horton

    Day 17

    Ok so today is one of those days that defies everything you think you know about how acne works. I didn't even go outside yesterday, do any mild exercise, ate crappy junk food all day, and got about 3 hours sleep. YET - no new spots at all. Skin is, above par. Usually I am fooled into thinking this has happened every morning, because my visions blury in the morning and everything looks smoother, but I can confirm this is not an illusion. I guess it goes to show how random and unpredictabl
  6. Freddie Horton

    Day 14

    Yes, randomly two weeks in to my program I decided I might as well start a blog. I'm taking the 408mg pills, once a day as a substitute for my GP refusing to refer me to a dermatologist. I've taken these pills before with no luck, but I'm pretty sure I didn't take them for long enough or stuck to the routine of one pill a day. So, my doctor is one of those doctors that love to say things like "oh it looks much better", or "it's perfectly normal", when what I want to hear is "I will not rest u