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  1. I would like to post this here aswell. Thanks.
  2. This is a offshoot of Robert Von Sarbacher work. You can which can be found here
  3. I have done a year of hard core ketosis. It completely and utterly stops acne all together and leaves the skin looking unnaturally flawless. I noticed the skin would produce very little oil. Just another reason I solved my acne issue with my alcohol based glycerin. It will do about the same thing
  4. Wanted to throw an update. Didnt seem to atop the problem. It also seemed to make the oil on the face very thick and overexfoliate. Using alone without a soap or alcohol will cause oil build up which in the end made my skin worse. Id call it more of a toner rather than a treatment. Without adressing the oil acne will keep comig back.
  5. It dissolves oil from the inner and outer layers of the skin and replaces it with glycerin which replaces how the skin moisturizers itself . Yeah its a video, was just night time. Without oil acne can't exist. I would say it would be the best treatment in regards to oily skin. Its more than an Astringent. It simply eliminates every aspect that makes acne able to form Please note that "glycerin based alcohol" is not a coined term. This is what aftershave is. Ive tried acv. Imo worthless for d
  6. Alcohol has been demonized so 99% of people havnt touched it. But I found out after my research that Glycerin based alcohole is extremly powerful and good for the skin. The cheapest and best acne treatment available imo. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41KPQPSDZML._SY300_.jpg
  7. This treatment should eliminate acne completely. My video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wV0CdeMLQI
  8. ketogenic diets are special and replace the bodies fuel from sugar to ketones derived from fat. It will take out scare tissue but is a very extreme diet. Watch your protein if attempting it.
  9. Bunny?. If that is you woah. Happy to see you still on here Yes. I am onto the cure now. Found a method that destroys acne but is controversial but cheap . Better than anything Ive ever tried. No one will do it tho. It cleared me up 100%. Edit: THe method is thought to hurt the skin but it doesn't My acne treatments are more based outward than inward now. ------------------------------------------------------ What vinegar applications have you tried. what was your regimen. An
  10. People had said vinegar dissolves the sebum and kills the bacteria however this is only somewhat true I think. Vinegar cannot dissolve oil. Vinegar does not dissolve oil. It makes oil float to the of the surface when mixed (See picture). When Vinegar gets into the pores it kills bacteria but also pushes oil out, it also dries in the pores overtime leaving an acidic residue that will constantly push oil out if continually applied. along with killing bacteria and stopping it from growing and pus
  11. This had me confused. How does it remove the sebum from the face if vinegar inst chemically able to dissolve oil.. Or does it not?. Thanks. One thought I had was maybe the vinegar goes into the skin and sense acid is a polar opposite of oil it causes the oil to be pushed out of the skin and lay on top of the vinegar braking its direct bond to the skin causing it to dry up. Anyone know?
  12. Probably a bile supplement but you also can do a cleanse. And I was 155 when I was in ketosis. I did lose weight. But the trick to ketosis is that when your body is burning fat it won't burn protein so your muscles won't lose mass like they would on a regular diet and if you work them out or are more active you will gain more muscle just because your in a very high state of ketosis. To get the results with acne I didn't eat cheese. I did eat heavy whipping cream tho. To much protein can also
  13. I am currently on a diet similar to this. The problem is, a lot of fat always hurts my stomach and I do not know why (it also does not make me full). I have a few questions if you do not mind me asking 1) What type of meat do you consume? How much protein per day (how much do you weigh and what is your height as well)? 2) Do you eat 100 % grass fed butter or just plain butter? 3) Are your eggs pasture raised? 4) Can you consume any nuts without breaking out (or only specific nuts such as ma
  14. Hi I just made a thread on here. Talking about acne picking. I am a pickaholic. When I Have a break out sometimes I will pick so bad that I will stay inside up to 5 days without leaving, mostly 3 days. This has happened much less often of late but still happens every now and then, I one time went 6 months without a single pimple when I Wa in very, very heavy ketosis. Extramly low carb, mid protein, very high fat diet. it Was a way out for me. I fell off when I realized I couldn't drink beer.