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  1. I have been using a lactic acid peel set for about 6-7 months. When I ordered the Lactic acid I also ordered the Copper Peptide Serum. Well, now it has kind of a stinky smell to it. I am wondering if is still okay to use. Has anyone else had this experience or do you know when the lactic acid and copper peptide expire once you have recieved them in the mail?
  2. Thanks for the supportive feedback. It is nice to know that other people understand what I feel and are experiencing the same issue. Just talking about it helps because people that never suffered from acne will never understand.
  3. I think that the skin care regimen is a more important factor that whatever kind of foundation you use. For example I was using Aveda foundation and Proactive skin care and I was starting to break out horribly. As soon as I changed my skin care product my skin cleared up and I did not breakout as much. Also try to find a foundation that has the active ingredient Titanium Dioxide this will minimize your breakouts even more.
  4. I guess at the very least I won't be overly concieted regarding my looks. Nobody appreciates that. I have tried to develop personal strengths over the years as well as maintaining a good apperance. It is confidence that I am trying to achieve. It just amazes me that when I get a compliment regarding my looks I realize how low my self-esteem is.
  5. Fugazi, That's a great website. Lots of fun and informative! Thanks
  6. I found that I never was very satisfied w/ store bought products. It was like my face was some experiment and I was testing hundreds of differents products. None of them ever kept me clear on a regular basis to where I was confident that I would not wake up in the morning W/ a huge white head. Once I got a microdermabrasion series done the derm office put me on the product they sold at the office and I could tell the difference in the quality immediately. Eventually when the product ran out I
  7. I went to the Dermatologist last week and discussed W/ her that I am still concerned w/ the residual scaring on my face. She responded to me by saying " Exactly what scarring are you refering to?". She had to look very closely with a magnifing glass and lamp to examine them. This is not the first time that a person as said that they don't see the scarring. So my question is do you think that my complextion really is smooth to the average onlooker, but I have too much psycological trauma to see
  8. When I was going through a micro series I remember them telling me that it is best to wait until your pimples are gone to reduce the chance of spreading bacteria and causing more flare ups. Ask your Aesthitican what she thinks.
  9. Was it a glycolic or lactic acid peel? I currently use lactic acid peels and have rarely experienced any breakouts from the peel. Also acidic peels exfoliate the top layer of skin, so if you have pimples that are coming to a head the chemical peel might speed up the process.
  10. Yes, taking vitamins that are geared to help reduce acne will deffinately help. When I was taking high doses of panothentic acid along w/ some other vitamins like zinc and chromium my skin cleared up.
  11. If you don't have the fan application brush then I guess that's what you'll have to do. If you can you should get the fan brush it makes the application process easier and more fun. I can't remember how much mine was but I don't think it was that spendy and it was worth it.
  12. Watch out that stuff has a tendency to have a good first impression. Then after a few weeks you might start noticing that you are getting alot of little pimples on your forehead or other areas. If you do it is the proactive.
  13. I think your frustration comes from the fact that you are talking to real people that have had realistic results from the procedures. Of course the doctors are going to inflate the actual results or they would not make any profits. This board has saved me thousands of dollars by educating me about procedures that are dangerous, a waste of money, and emotionally traumatizing. I have learned of more prosperous procedures that I hope to someday be able to afford like smoothbeam. I do understand you
  14. Did you get the procedure mostly to damage the sebaceous glands to prevent future breakouts or were you reccomended this procedure for permanent improvement of scars?
  15. Are the improvements to the scarred area suppose to be permanent or just temporary? I don't have active acne anymore would this procedure still be a top choice for getting rid of shallow scars permanently?