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  1. What I do is apply small amounts to separate parts of the face then spread it in those areas until it absorbs. The areas I do are my temples, under jaw, nose, inner cheek area, rest of the cheek, and chin. If you try to do your entire face at once the medication will absorb really fast and you wont have any left for areas you didn't get. I know it seems like you're not applying anything since it absorbs so fast but the tiny amount recommended is enough, you will start to notice this if you get i
  2. How's the Grown ACAI-BERRY and BORAGO facial moisturisor; Matte?
  3. Nice I want to use the clyndamycin just in case there is any ib. Goodluck you too!
  4. I recently got prescribed tretinoin 0.025 gel that I've been using every night. I have a tube of clyndamycin phophate gel 1% and I was wondering if i can use that just in the morning, not at night along with the tretinoin?
  5. Can you use a moisturizer on top of the gel version? also what % of differin are there available? just .1% and .3%?
  6. I'm thinking of asking my GP for a retinoid next time I go see him, but I want the least irritating retinoid I don't care if it takes longer to work. What do you guys consider the least irritating retinoid?
  7. I only use it at night but the redness doesn't seem to go away and I've been using the bp for a year aswell... I think it's time to go to the derm, bp is too irritating.
  8. Doo you only use BP once now? I feel like thats the only way to get rid of the excessive dryness and flaking. Yeah I do, I also use an exfoliator(bha) once a week to keep the flakes to a minimum, but I've using the bp for so long that I don't really get dry skin anymore.
  9. If your skin is really red I would sugest to apply bp only at night, when I first started my skin was like yours and I wish I had only used it once a day. If you apply it only at night just use the cleanser and moisturizer in the morning. For the first days use the recommended amount of bp, don't over do it or you'll just make your skin more irritated.
  10. like you havent seen that every second post i write the same. avoid: dairy gluten nuts eggs soy corn critic acid for 1 month, and i asure you, you will get clear. AT LEAST TRY, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. its M-U-C-H better than putting some crappy chemicals on your face everyday that god knows what's in there. and then what, are you going to use the "regimen" for the rest of your life? yeah sure, im sure when you will be 80 you will be like:"did i use AHA+ today? catabomb moisturiser? did i drink
  11. gm0ss

    best dp EVER, it had to be said.

    1. If the time it takes for the bp to dry is too long for you, you could try what I do, I usually spread around the bp on my face for longer than what dan says, for like a minute or two more. This makes it absorb faster for me. Wouldn't fan dry the bp make it evaporate into the air?
    2. You might want to try the normal cetaphil moisturizer becase the one for dry skin is really oily and it could be that the oils in the moisturizer are causing the burning sensation, also try doing the regimen only at night.
    3. Why don't you want a chemical on your face?