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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply! I've only had them for like 5 days I think, so I should probably throw them out soon then, haha. That makes sense, thanks for the info! I don't know anything about vegetables, so that helps me a lot. Thanks a lot for all of the help, guys! I actually drank my first one three days ago, and it wasn't that bad! (This is coming from someone who hasn't really ate vegetables all his life, aside from corn and potatoes, and anytime I've tried to eat vegetable I wanted to
  2. You can use carrots and cucumber enjoy making and drinking smoothie *Moderator edit - URL removed. Read the board rules* Thanks a lot! I'll try those too! I picked up everything I needed, so I'll be making my first one tomorrow! I don't know much about vegetables to be honest, haha, how long can you keep vegetables before they go bad?
  3. So I've been doing the DKR regimen for a few years now, and for the first year or two of doing it, it worked perfectly in clearing up my acne, but unfortunately for the past couple of years it hasn't done much at all to help my acne. The only thing it really does right now is it helps get rid of current acne that I have, but it no longer prevents me from getting acne like it used to. So I have to use other methods to try to avoid getting acne in the first place, haha. Anyway, my question is w
  4. Thanks for all of the helpful replies guys! I really appreciate it! I’d reply to each one, but I’m extremely tired, haha. So I'm thinking of doing spinach, romaine, kale, and chard for the vegetables. And apples, strawberries, and blueberries for the fruit. Would any of these non-greens be necessary? Or should I just stick to using greens? Carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, beetroots, vine tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, etc. -Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot! I think I asked my question wrong though, haha, my bad :P I meant to ask how big of a serving of a smoothie that I should drink a day? Like one glass? Thanks!
  6. This sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to give this a try, but how much should you drink of the smoothie per day?
  7. Hey, so I've tried several different things to take care of my acne over the past 7-8 years, but nothing is doing the job. Topicals, antibiotics, etc. So now I've decided that I need to clear it in a more natural way, so after reading all of the success with these types of smoothies, I decided I'd give it a try. What all vegetables and how much of each vegetable should I put in the smoothie? How much should I make and how much should I drink per day? These are a couple of interesting threa
  8. Just an update, after I've been off it for almost 2 weeks, I'm still extremely tired every single day. This goddamn antibiotic really fucked up my body apparently, does anyone know when I'll feel normal again? Ughh....
  9. Today I ate some Grilled Chicken, Grapes, Pretzels, Saltine Crackers, and Cookies.
  10. Yesterday I took my first pill for this "one every two days" thing for this week, but tonight I decided I'm just going to stop taking it all together, no point in dragging it out even longer. The "weaning off process" is taking longer than I've already been on the antibiotic, so there's really no point in doing this at all.
  11. So I started taking Minocycline about 3 weeks ago, but for the past week I've been trying to slowly wean myself off of it. Is this necessary though since I only took it for 2 weeks before decided to start weaning off? I was taking the full amount that I was prescribed of 100MG, twice a day, for about 10 days, but after the fifth day of taking it I noticed that I was getting these horrible side effects from it. Dizziness, tiredness, fever, chills, etc. It was ridiculous. I could hardly functi
  12. I'm really interested in trying this, as everything else I've tried for the past seven years doesn't seem to be working. Topicals aren't doing the job 100% and every antibiotic I've tried either doesn't work, quits working after a while, or gives me horrible side effects, so this looks like a great route to take at this point. I'm currently trying to go off of Minocycline because the side effects are fucking ridiculous (in my case atleast), and I'm currently taking 3 natural vitamins that thi
  13. Today is my eighth day of taking only 100MG day, and I unfortnately do have some acne now, but luckily it's nothing too bad. I just really hope it doesn't leave red marks behind, as I'm still trying to get rid of tons of red marks I have left on my face after I got a horrible breakout from when I first quit taking Doxycycline. So if this acne is another breakout from quitting Doxy again, and not a breakout from going down on my dosage of Mino, then I'm fucked. I'm confused though, how the he
  14. This is my third day of only taking 100 MG day and so far everything is back to normal for me, not having any of those horrible side effects that I was having anymore. Unfortunately, I don't know if 100 MG a day is strong enough to get rid of all of my acne, so if it isn't, then I don't really see the point in taking it. I'm probably going to slowly go off the antibiotic anyway because I'm pretty sure that it's only making my brain fog/weird head feeling/dysphoria problem and my urinary incontin
  15. For anyone following this thread, I'm still having the same side effects that I was from Minocycyline, but it's still clearing up all of my acne, I'm hardly getting any new acne at all, which is weird...I didn't think an antibiotic could suddenly work this fast, this basically worked overnight. In addition to that, it prevented me from having a huge breakout from suddenly stopping Doxycycline too, which was a huge relief. But with all of that good comes the bad with these fucking HORRIBLE sid
  16. Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely try to call my doctor or something about this. Today I've had lots of chills and a bad fever too, things just seem to be getting worse...I don't know, I don't want to stop though because it's already completely stopped my acne. :(
  17. I started taking it 5 days ago, and the first couple of days everything seemed fine, but now for the past 2 or 3 days I've had a lot of dizziness and just a really weird feeling in my head, making it extremely hard to do anything at all. Is this normal and will this side effect go away in a couple of days? Or should I stop taking it completely? I'm taking 100MG, twice a day, and it's already shown results, I haven't had any new acne at all. It also stopped me from having a huge breakout fr
  18. Just an update, today my head feels HORRIBLE. I feel extremely tired and everything just feels strange. It seems like the dysphoria-type feelings I was getting before are like 100x worse today. Is this a dangerous side effect of Mino? Should I quit taking it? Or will this go away after a few days?
  19. What dose of minocycline are you on? 100 mg per day? Some of the side effects will be immediate, as it is a new drug and your body will need to adjust to it. Some of the side effects I noticed when I started mino were ~ dizziness and rashes. Those subsided after the first week. The LT side effects you will not know immediately obviously, so be cautious in the end. I'm on 200MG a day (100MG twice a day). What kind of rashes did you get? Because I think I might already have one on my neck, w
  20. Thanks again for all of the info and help! I'm 20 and a male, by the way. I just called in my prescription for Mino, so I'll start taking it tonight and let you know how things go! I fortunately still had it on my file at the pharmacy that I go to (from when my dermatologist first prescribed it), which is a miracle, and saves me $100 instead of having to go see him again to get it, haha. If I have any bad side effects from it, will I know immediately? I remember my derm telling me that Mino had
  21. wow, $40 to $50, do you have insurance? I buy it with my mom's insurance and it's no more than $10, actually I just got this humongous bottle, like 160 pills (like I'm ever going to use all that)...guess they had some sort of special going on LOL. But on a serious note, yes, it is stronger than Doxy. People on these boards have been on Minocycline for very long periods of time...the problem with Minocycline is not, when will it go ineffective, (like Doxy) but when should I stop taking it for f
  22. Thanks for the reply! Good point! I see exactly what you're saying, there's really no point in taking it if it's not doing what it was supposed to be doing. My dermatologist actually prescribed me Minocycline before Tetracycline, but I decided to not get it because it was like $40-$50 just for a bottle, and I was tight on money at the time. But with things how they are now, I guess I could try to go for it! Especially since you said it's much more powerful than Doxy. My only concern now is that
  23. So basically I was on Doxycycline from March-October, but then went off it because I thought it was triggering some health problems I was having (Dysphoria and urinary incontinence), in addition to that, it seemed as if it had lost it's effectiveness. I was clear of all acne from March-July, but in July I noticed I was getting a little bit more acne, but not nearly as much as I was getting before Doxy, so I kept taking it. But then after going off Doxy in October (I was an idiot and just wen
  24. Sorry if this has been asked on the boards several times before, but I'm curious as to know if mixing BP with Clindamycin will work just as effectively as Benzaclin does. Because when I was using Benzaclin samples last year for a couple of months I noticed that ALL of my acne disappeared. Unfortunately, my Benzaclin samples ran out, and I had to resort back to using the DKR benzoyl peroxide, which doesn't help my skin nearly as much as Benzaclin did, it only helps get rid of current acne, an