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  1. In response to your note - yes and no. You can give it a try, though the chances of it working may not be as great as you want.

    1. great so your pretty much saying i just wasted 20 bucks on it hah

      1. ok so im currently taking bactrim i was prescribed from my dermatologist, and im doing dans regiem with my own products, im using clean an clear cream cleanser, this neutrogena acne control lotion with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in it, and 100% pure jojoba oil, is this good stuff to use?? cause my chin is pretty red when im under those brightttt white lights and it looks like i have a friggin disease or something but under other lights you cant really see it but you can see discoloration and outside
      2. ok so i read this persons post an she said this vitamin helped out her sons acne like %100 and said you should take it additionally with your other products your already using if any an i heard some other good reviews bout how it flushes out all the bad bacteria in your intestines an other parts, so id just like to know if its worth taking?
      3. ok so im currently taking bactrim twice a day and im following dan's regimen the cleanser first than i use a astringent than i wait 15 minutes than the benzoyl peroxide than wait 15 minutes than the moisturizer but i have my own products and just need to know if you guys think they'll be just as effective. for my cleanser I'm using clean an clear cream cleanser, for my astringent I'm using sea breeze for sensitive skin, for the benzoyl i'm using this acne control lotion i got from this neutrogen
      4. No I said use another thing during the day: use a different moisturizer in the morning. Then jojoba at night.

        1. but dans regimen says you should moisturize twice daily? so in the morning use a cleanser than my sea breeze astringent than the benzoyl peroxide and just leave it at that? than the same stuff at night but use the jojoba oil?

          1. If it's too oily just use it at night and use another thing during the day :]

            1. i got 100% pure jojoba oil from this gnc store, do you know if its a good moisturizer? all of it doesnt really absorb in my skin an i work ina restaurant so it looks greasy after awhile

              1. so i went to gnc and bought this 100% pure jojoba oil moisturizer is this non-comodegenic?? an is this a good product? it didnt say it was non-comodegenic but it said for healthier skin, any answers???
              2. i tried that it just looks shiny now

                1. i have work at 4 and i work in a restaurant hah what should i do??

                  1. ok so i just bought jojoba oil an i put a pretty big amount on my face i spent like a minute and a half trying to lather it in(gently) but theirs still a good amount left on my face should i just leave it alone will it absorb? or should i take a cotton pad and dab it or something
                  2. ok so my dermatologist prescribed me retin-a micro gel and clindamycin phosphate topical gels to help my acne im also using bactrim, i decided to stop the topicals because i hated how they were making my face like i would see results(somewhat) but itd be really dryyyyy when i washed them off but during the day they made me extremelyyyy oilly so i just stopped them and using dans regimen i got a clean an clear cream cleanser which is bommbbbb and this sea breeze astringent for sensitive skin whic