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  1. Okay, so i started minocycline 100 mg twice a day back in september (close to 3 months). And it worked.. minimally, not to it's best ability i would say. then i added in the clinique 3 step acne solutions and a benzoyl peroxide 5% gel. It seemed to work after i added those two new additions, so i can't really decide if the minocycline worked or if it was the other two new things. Now, just a week and a half ago, i had to go off of the minocycline due to very serious health problems and i can nev
  2. Nowayy

    WARNING: Minocycline

    the exact same thing just happened to me, i was in the ER all yesteday, had the MRI, and then the doctor preformed the spinal tap. i had to stop taking the minocycline. did you acne get worse once you stopped?
  3. Nowayy

    2 weeks DOWN.

    I LOVE WEEKENDS<3 got to see ke$ha and b.o.b last night, which was sick. BUT.. my skin was not cooperating. i had a pimple on my cheek and one very close to my nose, not cute. but i'll live. it's getting sooo much better. scars are fading, everything fading, and existing pimples last for like day or or two! field hockey just ended so i'm hoping less sweating and stuff will also clear it up. anywayy, hanging with ma boy tonight:) my skins looks great right now! this clinique stuff reallly
  4. Nowayy

    Waddup Week Two

    Woahh it's been a while.. long busy weekend. Let's start by saying, i stayed at a friends house then went directly to a soccer game then to a tournament where we stayed overnight in a hotel. Where i had a little...breakdown about my skin. i noticed how perfect all my other team mates skin were and it was killing me. But i did my best, got through it. My mom promised to take me to get this "blue light treatment" that erasers pimples for a few months, so you have to do it a few times year.
  5. Nowayy

    Cleared skin pretty well None peeling/drying Reduced Redness Can feel it working Makes skin feel a little tight This product is great! i've been using it for a week and i can see/feel the difference already. It dramatically reduced the oiliness of my skin and makes it feel clean. While my face does feel a little tight till about noon i think that may go away as my skin gets used to it. There is NO peeling, dryness, and the one scar i had is going away. Even this one pi
  6. Nowayy

    On our way, to the fifth day!

    Mkayy, i just want to start out saying i've never seen such fast results in an acne product, ever! This stuff just keeps impressing me over and over again. There's one little downside, it makes my skin tight and feels like it's gonna rip. I'm hoping that's just a side effect until i get used to the product, but i can say no peeling and that's a huge plus! I woke up today to a less red/less pimply face and was thrilled! My makeup is continuing to do it's job and cover up all day, i can look in
  7. Nowayy

    First Day:)

    Thanks so much for the comment:) i've read like a million reviews on this product, but it's really good to hear from a person that it's actually working! I hope i have the same results as you did, it already seems a lot better!
  8. Nowayy

    Day Three!

    Alright, so i'm extremely pleased with this product so far. It's help with all these little under the skin bumps i used to have around my mouth, they're slowly going away. I did get a pimple yesterday:( but it's already smaller this morning, still pretty red though but i can live with it. I have also noticed my skin is sooo much smoother! I can't remember ever sliding my hand across my face and thinking "wow! this is super soft!" My skin did feel a little tight at the beginning of yesterday, so
  9. Nowayy

    First Day:)

    Alright guys, here's a little run down of myself. I'm 16 years old, fair skinned, and just started getting acne pretty bad this year. I'm a sophomore, and as a freshmen i had the occasional break out/pimple or two but nothing enough to worry me. Just this summer my skin FREAKED OUT and i started getting acne pretty bad (or i would say so at least) and i tried an array of different products. AcneFree, over the counter Clean and Clear products, nothing worked. So i went to the derm and she t