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  1. derm gave me some clobetasol 0.05 for a few small raised hypertrophic scars on chest/shoulders. ill post pics later. what do you guys think about this? i havent found much on the internet about this cream for hypertrophic acne scars. i put it on them 2 times a day. should this help them flatten? i am in the best shape of my life right now and these scars make me super self conscious with my shirt off. the color doesnt bother me as much as the way they are raised up. looks like shit from certain
  2. welp here i am on my last month of accutane i took 60mg 1st 80mg 2nd 80mg 3rd 80mg 4th 80mg 5th and im suppost to take 80 for the 6th and final month BUTTTTT ive been clear for a good month and im thinking of dropping it to 40mg a day and maybe going a little longer till pills are gone.. just trying to get some opinions on the idea
  3. Cackutane

    day 149

    welp i had my LAST derm appt today. and he gave me the option to stop now or continue another month and i chose to continue. ill be still at 80mg a day until my pills are all gone then he told me it would be 2 months from stop that i would see most improvement and my scars would start fading. like right not i have no active pimples and i can wake up everymorning feeling confident that i dont have a pimple :D a few side effects i have are flushing red hot face when i do physical a
  4. Cackutane

    day 135

    have a few small pimples, it seems my skin broke through the accutane briefly and a few pimples came out. but nothing serious. i had a few tiny red marks on my forehead and one pimple in the corner of my nose. they lasted less than a week and are gone. these pimples make me scared of what my face is gonna do when im off accutane month or so to go and im done so we will find out
  5. Cackutane

    day 119

    oh damn, yea i have 1 derm visit left, and a month and half left of this garbage and im done thank god, my skin has been all clear since month 3 but i have gotten a few pimples here and there lately but its all good. i have been done with my supps for a month now and i need to get some more but for now ive just been liftin off meals. im ready for this shit to be out of my system. ill be on 80mg for the rest of the time
  6. Cackutane

    day 119

    just got my 2nd to last derm appt today, sill on 80mg a day winter heat is making my skin a little more dry and eyes a little more dry as well other than that im extremely ready to get done with accutane and on with the rest of my life i have a few marks left and i get a pimple a month developed jock itch last week due to working out and dry skin, antifungal cream has solved that already. joint achyness is there but not significant i now weight 185 i was 190 when i started
  7. Cackutane

    day 111

    day 111 in 2011 on acutane. no active breakouts just red marks that are slowly fading (seems like anyways) still the usual dryness, the winter and the dry heat is making it a little worse + i just got over a cold. i can feel the total body achyness a little more now that ive been taking this shit for 4 months but its still not bad took a 2 week break from lifting cause ive been sick and the holidays but im starting again today been chaffing a little between my legs by my nuts jus
  8. Cackutane

    day 97

    almost into the 100's, not like anyones reading but ill post anyways. my face is clear minus the few small blemishes and left over red spots my back chest and shoulders are clear minus the red spots left over my lips are dry, arms are dry and face is dry in morning. still on 80mg a day. i think my derm is gonna keep me on this till march 15th drinking lots of water, working out alot, swimming and working and drinking and smoking and doing doughnuts in the snow, playing drums, s
  9. Cackutane

    day 85

    just got done with my derm appt for 3rd month going onto 4th. he kept me on 80mg a day and said i might be extended till march 15th which is fine with me considering my 21st is april 15th. i asked him if i should be going higher dosage and he said the European way says its the same effect if i keep on a lower dosage for a longer period rather than higher dosage shorter period with worse side effects. i noticed a small break out twords the end of the 3rd month and ive been blaming it on
  10. Cackutane

    day 69

    only headaches ive gotten are from hangovers and even they are not bad.deadlifts are not a part of my workout right now, i tried power cleans and they use my lower back alot too and i feel back pain after those.yesterday i did back rows, back flys, pull ups, lat pulldowns, and lawnmowers and my lower back is slightly sore today.when i do back is the only time my back gets sore (or if im bent over for a long time and then i stand up)im hoping for 100mg next month but im not worried if he gives me
  11. Cackutane

    day 69

    yea i know im already having problems with the ladies, i over did it this thanksgiving and drank almost everynight. it was fun though :)yea i dont think im gonna break any bones lifting so we are safe there.my face has been pretty clear i just got a red lump on my neck but it doesnt seem like its gonna stay too long. my shoulders and back are clearing and my chest is on its way. alot of red spots but they will dissapear in the next month or so.id be happy if he put me on 100mg a day next month c
  12. Cackutane

    day 69

    yea i was freaking out too at the beginning, i had mild lower back aches when i first started but i started taking fish oil the first week and by the end of the first month i was pain free. idk if the fish oil helped but i dont have any pain when i lift or workout. i cut out most of the workouts that use my lowerback - deadlifts and anything that you bend at the lower back id take it easy on. my ab workout is the only time im using my back just to be safe.my accutane experience has turned out so
  13. Cackutane

    day 35

    yea breakouts have been normal for me up till about this point, im on day 70 currently and my face is pretty reliable for not breaking out, my chest and shoulders are still breaking out slightly though cause i think the accutane hasnt reached that point yet.you will find out that your pimples will not only break out less but they will heal faster and not grow to huge size.i use cetaphil gentle face wash in the morning and follow up with cetaphil moisturizer about 5 mins after shower and face has
  14. Cackutane

    day 69

    face is clear except for a few spots, chest and shoulders still have a few inflaimed red lumps but still looking better. face is dry, lips are dry, arms are dry..... lot of lotion and accutane pills and fish oil daily also aquaphor sensitive eyes lifting 4 days a week, almost out of protein and pre mix diet is good, muscle mass is good, tone is coming sexyness inevitable cant wait STUFFING and TURKEY thursday Yeaaa buddyy
  15. Cackutane

    day 57

    im on day 63, yea ive noticed a big difference, ive already started talking to the beezies my face is pretty much clear, clear enough for me! my shoulders and chest is almost clear but i still have some marks. yea it doesnt even feel like im on accutane anymore other than the dry lips and taking the pills. ive been partying on the weekends and hitting it up with the girls not giving a shit about my confidence haha. yea i cant wait till this is done, my derm said i should be done at the latest