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  1. lol yes tdot it was that commercial, glad I'm not alone By "I haven't heard of it" I do think they meant "I haven't seen it in my other patients", which I suppose is valid -- I do trust this doctor generally, but have to take into account that just because it hasn't happened to any of her other patients doesn't mean it can't happen, period. I would be concerned, I guess, if I had a medical professional recommend something to me that she had a) never read in a study and b) never seen in other
  2. I've been thinking about switching to an IUD because my severe and persistent breakouts started when I started my current birth control pill. My doctor says she hasn't heard of a connection, but it seems like too much of a coincidence to me. Has anyone had a good experience with the switch?
  3. [i wasn't sure which forum to post this in, so feel free to move if it fits best somewhere else] [also this post speaks pretty openly about periods and other lady issues so if you are not interested in reading, consider yourself warned] I'm thinking about going off the birth control pill after about five years on it. As a teenager, I had acne, but nothing severe - just normal zits here and there. They didn't bother me and I hardly noticed them. When I was 18, I went on Ortho tri-cyclen, and
  4. Bare Minerals makes a blemish-treatment powder that isn't makeup, strictly speaking, but does diffuse the appearance of blemishes (and treats them too - it's a sulfur/tea tree product). It might make you feel a little better - I wear it while I exercise sometimes. please, please don't sleep in regular makeup. maybe you can wait until you get in bed with your "day face" on and then wipe it off with a baby wipe once the lights are out.
  5. Particularly in terms of, which do you find draws more attention away from your acne? I'm debating whether stylish frames mean people look more at your eyes vs acne-ridden chin, or if that is better achieved with nothing in the way of your eyes/good eye makeup. Thoughts?
  6. I was a successful regimen user until BP suddenly started giving me an allergic reaction. Ever since, I am back to struggling to keep my skin clear. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to achieve similar results with just the AHA product and not BP. Any help/tips/pics are appreciated. thanks! [nb: not sure what forum was appropriate for this post, feel free to move.]
  7. My reply kind of depends on what exactly you're asking... I don't have a problem with guys wearing blush/bronzer in principle -- wouldn't comment if a guy friend did it, wouldn't stare at a guy on the street if I thought he were wearing bronzer-- but it's not something I find attractive or would want a guy I was dating to do. also if you want to, make sure you know what you're doing -- lots of girls with plenty of makeup practice still really screw up blush/bronzer application. (in fact I'm co
  8. Slight deviation from the topic - I second the ecotools recommendation, they are really nice brushes. If I have active breakouts I wash mine after every use, otherwise every 2-3 days. If I've recently tried a face cleanser that I don't like, a great way to use it up is as a brush cleanser, otherwise I use baby shampoo.
  9. I think it's fine -- I and many other girls that I knew started experimenting with makeup at the beginning of middle school (age 11). The only reason not to is if your parents or school have a rule against it. (Also, make sure the powder isn't contributing to your breakouts, and make sure that you apply it with a clean brush, don't share makeup with your friends -- spreads bacteria -- and wash it all off at night.)
  10. I like acne.org gel well enough but I'm finding the Neutrogena a little more user-friendly in that it dries faster and doesn't sting/burn/make my eyes water as much. Anyone else?
  11. If your diet was really bad before it may not be that you need to eat Paleo for your skin, you may just need to eat better overall. Yes, that will mean including more veggies (most important, in my opinion) and good meats than before, but it might not mean never having a slice of cake or a bagel again. You can try relaxing your diet slowly and see what happens.
  12. Intake for today: Breakfast: oatmeal with almond butter 1 cup carrot juice lunch: salmon and chicken breast salad, with hummus and apples bran crackers on the side dinner: grilled shrimp with bok choy, onions and peppers large green salad with dressing no exercise today. I am also avoiding coffee and soda. I picked at my breakout on the right jaw a little bit but stopped before it became an all-out picking incident. I am washing, moisturizing and using the Neutrogena BP as a spot treatment.
  13. Hi, I have been lurking for awhile and decided to make my own thread. I was on the regimen for several months with great success when suddenly applying BP all over my face started causing it to crack, swell and ooze. Other products have never helped me that much so I have decided to try a different approach and treat my skin and body as if it belonged to a "normal" person in hopes that things will balance out. I am trying to reduce stress, eat a balanced diet/identify any major diet triggers,
  14. Have any users of the unmodified regimen (BP twice a day) successfully cut back to using BP only once a day, and AHA or just moisturizer in the morning? If you have tried it, what were your results?