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  1. just admit it you're a guy. Change your sex to male, your writing style is totally of a guy.

    1. You dont really sound female.

      1. I'm not saying to try this, no no. But accidents happen, and what would happen if someone with indents got cut by something sharp and the areas around the indents began bleeding. What'd happen here? Would the original acne indent be deeper (depending on how much deeper it was cut by), or would -yes, you probably guessed where I was going with this- it possibly heal the original indented scarring ever so slightly? I am just curious since this occured to me recently with collagen build-up and ho
      2. you'd think they would have charged more than just £0.99 if it actually were to work and help with indented scars. but good luck to you, hopefully you get results that satisfy you. but i dunno... something's fishy, only £0.99? why not £1.99? lol
      3. thanks nightlilly, i'll likely order one soon. did you get yours from amazon? if so could you provide the link please?
      4. what?... only $2? what no way, were there a lot of good reviews on the site (guessing you ordered off from aamzon?)
      5. will dermarolling help or not? i have like every type of scar out there; rolling, boxcar, icepicks, and hypertrophic... will ordering one online help me or not? what is the main concensus on dermarolling? i see some threads that say it helps and some that don't or aren't sure? should i order?
      6. hi starlite, how much better would you say they look, percentage-wise? do they look 50% better, maybe even 75%?
      7. hi brawn, im just curious as to what you had exactly on your nose - was it sebaceous hyperplasmia or were they hypertrophic scars? i'm not sure what this bump is on my nose... i think it's leaning more towards hypertrophic... u'd think smoothbeam would work?
      8. doesn't sound promising, but let's hope. good luck, and please update whenever you can
      9. Ya, this post isn't going to be very helpful but i found it interesting nonetheless. First time that i personally stumbled upon something like this, and obviously wouldn't reccomend trying but find it interesting and am curious if it actually works or not. I was reading around on other sites and some people claimed that they tried sanding their own skin (with what, i don't know) and that their indented scars initially were red and scabbed but that after a while the scars were healed...? And is t
      10. Hell, i don't even know which came first. It appears the hypertrophic is located in the middle of a wide boxcar on cheek. I have not seen really any real solutions for hypertrophic, so if i can't fix that, then how would i go about eventually trying to fix the boxcar that is surrounding the hypertrophic scar?
      11. what exact scars do/did you have? and if you don't mind, what is the scar cream you used that helped fade them?
      12. other than the pimples and redness, i do see some scarring... but they are not deep. they look more like discoloration scars and boxcars, so look around on these boards for options.