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  1. Have you tried life without outmeal? That's an awkward combination of huge carbs and fat.
  2. If things are going well I don't think there's need for a drastic change. Blackheads just might take longer to get rid of. It will probably help, but restricting yourself too much could open some bad doors too. I've never had a problem with beans though.
  3. It's plain as day for everyone who has even tried a natural lifestyle. People without the self-control to make a lifestyle change are going to debate around in circles all day because it's the only thing they're good at. Not even worth arguing anymore, I don't even visit the other forums (except The Lounge) because there's no real information there. As for the bias, I think it's obvious and necessary. I don't have a problem with Dan saying what he wants because it's his site, and in the long
  4. Just don't do it. Find out for yourself. If you can't manage to even test your own theory for a few weeks / months, then it's absolutely a problem (acne related or not, it could be controlling your life).
  5. All sugar is the same for me, if we needed fruit then I would have died 5 years ago, and my skin certainly wouldn't have cleared up. In my experience even a little bit of sugar throws me off balance because the body starts using a different fuel source (sugar as opposed to fat), which takes time and energy to switch back-and-forth. While this is happening, it's party time for all hormones (good and bad) because our liver is far too busy dealing with the sugar to check the guestlist. Avoiding
  6. You prevent stress by not preventing stress. Figure out what's important to you (this will be different to anything you read, different to anything anybody will tell you), and focus on that. You chose to be a teacher so helping kids feel better is part of who you are it doesn't mean it will be easy but you'll be doing the right thing. Sometimes if you get fired up it just means you care. You shouldn't have to apologise for that or feel guilt, embrace it and suddenly that energy will be a good t
  7. Just be careful, alcohol can make you look better for a day because it can drain the water from your face, and then while your liver is busy making sure you don't die, it might take your body a while to care about your face again. Pretty sure if alcohol could even remotely cure any form of acne, you would hear about it as a selling point. Hell there would be a new acne-hol drink made specifically for it, whether it works or not. Added Vitamin B(ullshit). There's lots of bacteria in your
  8. Try Sweet Potatoes, that stuff will fill you up and it's delicious. They're pretty much the only carbs in my diet and I melt cheese all over them. They give me a different, more instant kind of energy compared to meat but don't have any of the negative effects of carbs because they're anti-inflammatory, and there's not a huge amount really compared to regular potatoes. They're the only carbs that give me energy rather than drain it (although I have been low-carb for a very long time so mileage m
  9. Training every single day doesn't even make sense from a strength standpoint. Without rest you won't grow. I remember going through a fitness phase like that and it wasn't just acne, my face was pale and completely drained of life. I was convinced I was doing everything I could for my body, but that wasn't true because I wasn't using my brain. It does feel good while you're doing it though, but so do a lot of things. Glad you found something that works.
  10. I use F.lux too, it's really subtle. When I have it on this monitor and open a second screen without it at night, it's like the sun just came up.
  11. This topic breaks my heart. It's your life, be proud of your choices. If anybody knocks them, imagine what they're REALLY thinking. "Damn.. I wish I cared about my health.. but I'm cool because I'm just like everyone else right? Crap, I'm thinking too much, BETTER ACT COOL!". Or alternatively take my approach and don't give a fuck. Lead by example, as long as you're making YOURSELF happy, you get the respect of real people who respect themselves. Forget the hipster crowd, seriously. It's a b
  12. You're afraid everything will break you out. Maybe there's an external process going on here.
  13. You know your body best. Cut it out and see what happens! If you don't, you'll just be wondering every day and that's not healthy.
  14. Regardless of whether or not "high fat" works, you're going to have problems when you introduce a billion new foods at once. Fat is a vastly different energy form to what most people have adapted to. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Dairy, Meat, just pick one staple to go with your veggies. Cod Liver Oil and Flaxseed Oil are completely unnecessary on top of that.