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  1. ^ Just choose a date/time/location and hope people turn up I guess
  2. Haha yeah I just love rave gigs Everyone is so fucked in the I need air video xD I saw them live too! They played before deadmau5, I only know 2-3 of there songs but they played quite a few and they were all awesome And after Magnetic Man Zane Lowe played, and he put Sand storm in his mix (first time I heard that song live) it was so epic ">
  3. Haha yeah I only know 2 of my mates who are turning 18 around the same time, we cant wait! The warehouse project sounds good Yeah Leeds should be awesome, theres like 40 people I know who are going, and were all camping in the same area. And I'm a house/d&b/dubstep kinda guy, so I'm lookin forward too nero and sub focus, I'm sure Devlin will be great too But I like all music so I'll be checking everything out that my friends do, feel free to recommend me any bands
  4. Yes he is awesome live, I want to go back I could come for a night out, I am only 17 though (got a fake ID) but im 18 in september, not long now woo As for a city I'd vote Manchester, I bet they have awesome clubs there, and its sorta in the middle of england ^^ I'm saving all my money for leeds festival at the moment though...
  5. I shave once a week or so. When my facial hair starts to look untidy.
  6. Boiling water under the tap, that will kill all jerms. And I use my blade until the little blue jel stuff is gone. (It's there to tell you how sharp the blade is, when its all gone the blade is dull)
  7. Blackheads form from underneath with sebum. And I've found exfoliaters are good for getting rid of black heads, try it.
  8. Do that, but if you have dry skin don't use alcohol since it dries your skin out, I prefer using a toner. Then it cleanses the pore as well as preventing future breakouts!
  9. Could be a bite, or a boil. Or some other type of skin condition. I dont think its possible to get acne anywhere apart from upper body/face.
  10. A pimple? lol who cares, everybody gets "a pimple" nobodys immune. And 18 is not a "grown man" your still a teenager, and you could still have hormonal acne from your teens until your 25...
  11. I live in Chester, like an hour drive from you
  12. hahaha thanks for the heads up :DD

  13. lol, sorry man! It's kinda friendly though, unless you swat it too hard. I heard from people it ruined their screen. Don't know why, but thought I'd better warn you.