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  1. Help me guys, Next month I'll go through a physical fitness test and am thinking of stopping the accutane for a week. what do you think? I feel very tired and that can really affect my performance in this test. I have to run 2400 meters in 13 minutes.
  2. I'm taking 20mg/day and since second week I've experienced hair sheding problems. I'm going to buy biotin as well and I hope it works.
  3. I'm taking 20mg/day and all I do is to wash my face before sleeping (normal soap) and aply sun screen in the morning (fps 30, spray one). I got moderate acne in face and back. Side effects: dry lips, and tired all day long (specially after working out).
  4. Hi, I'm taking 20mg/day and next month I will do a phisical test (military). Currently I am a bit tired and I gotta run 2400 meters in 13 min to be ok in this test. What you think of stopping taking the pills before the test? Will the muscle resistence increase? Thanks.
  5. I know how you feel. Trust me, make your own decisions and be sure you won't need your family's help to solve any problem that relates only to you. Good luck.
  6. Try it and post back here. One side of the face each time, then you'll se if it's working.
  7. Milk of magnesia (Magnesium hydroxide). Give it a try, it's not expensive. Bye.
  8. Try milk of magnesium but use just a little bit, 'couse it can dry up even more your skin.
  9. You're right. I started taking 20mg/day and today I'll finish week 1. My acne is much better, I'd say I have 5 active spots right now. Side effects: dry lips and nothing more. I weight 65kg (moderate and persistent acne)
  10. luc_nic thanks, I guess my doc will increase the dosage next moth to 40mg/day, and so on... Btw, today is my first day on accutane and a lot of pimples became very dry and seems to be fading out... Is that normal? hope so!
  11. Well, I start tomorrow too (20mg/day). I hope we have no serious problem at all... Good luck my friend!
  12. Hello people! Today I bought my firt Accutane box (20mg, roche). I weight 65kg, is this dosage correct for me? I got a very persistent and moderate acne (face, neck, shoulders). By the way, I would like to know if anybody here has used milk of magnesium to prevent the IB while tanning... Well, I use to put some of it around my inflamated pustules and it goes alright. Tankyou!
  13. Thankyou for your comments. Well, I think this is a great idea. Certainly it will take some time longer but it's ok. Well, since I can be eliminated from the military contest becouse of acne, I guess it's time to start my accutane cicle. Today I have done all clinical tests needed to go on the medication. My triglycerides are very low, same as cholesterol. Tomorroy I'm going to talk to my derm and ask him for a lower dosage (maybe 30mg/day). Kisses!