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  1. Yes it certainly helped me. I still get occasional zits but are very rare like 1-2 in 2-3 months.
  2. From last 3 days I am getting new pimples, I am afraid this is another breakout. I was 99% from last 3-4 months with Homeopathy medicines. I dunno what to do. I am worried.
  3. Just turned 26 on Aug 18
  4. Hi, I have been going to a homeopathy doctor since Jun 15,2011. after 1 month I started seeing some positive results, since then I have got 2-3 zits (very tiny and very less scary) till now. I guess its working on me. Homeopathy is considered to be safe without any side effects, but is little slow. The doctor says I need to take medicines upto one year and then after I won't get any bad breakouts but might get occasional zits. So Its been 2 months and I am kinda satisfied with the results, So
  5. I have been trying the sample kit from Faerie organic mineral powder and it looks good on my skin. Staying power is okay too plus haven't broken me out. Guess I will be ordering their full kit now. You might try their sample kits to know if their product suits you, won't cost you much. I have kept Everyday Mineral as a second option, but guess don't need to try it as m okay with faerie organics.
  6. Yes.. Ask Me Lack of sleep shows its effect the very next day on my face I have observed, It takes lots of time to get over the breakout caused due to improper sleep
  7. Hi, I have this question if somebody could answer. Everybody says that CTM is essential process. Toning closes the pores of the skin. And then we apply moisturiser. How does the moisturizer get absorbed if the pores are closed? This question came to my mind after I started using a toner. I apply oil free moisturiser after toning but still after few hours I feel very oily. More oily than the earlier days when I didn't use any toner, while the moisturizer is the same. So What Am I thinking?? D
  8. It works but takes time with stubborn marks. Also lightens skin tone. I used to put it in night and in the morning it would gave a glow to my face. But leaves your skin sensitive to sun. My face turns red whenever I am out in sun even for few minutes.
  9. I guess, mine skin was in better position when I used to drink 4 bottles of water every day. Now as I have shrinked my water drinking habbit, I can see skinn is not that healthy. I am gonna put more water in my skin now
  10. Like your profile pic :)

    1. I think yes. Because, BP dries out the skin oil hence triggers more oil production.
    2. Now I have been taking the zinc tablets from a month, I am okay. I have two big pimples.. on my left cheek, but I feel I am relatively clear. So I am gonna stick to zinc tabs for some more time. Also the scarring is little under control with the help of my night cream so my skin looks better. I am happy