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  1. Can we have this topic pinned? Or at least a topic pinned that has a link to the The FDA Medwatch to allow people to report side effects such as this one to the FDA. If a mod out there is reading, please make it so
  2. I'm not completely sure, but usually 10 mg is more of a micro-dose used for maintenance rather than first time treatment. Your dose is dependant on your gender, weight and how conservative your dermatologist is. But regardless of dose everyone responds to accutane differently, some clear up right away while some don't clear up until the end of their course.
  3. yeah but not everyone gets all the side effects, do you have erectile dysfunction?
  4. the girl in the pink on the far left looks bangin' btw why are your eyes always closed in your pictures? On a more serious note I too am considering accutane but I really want a dose around 20 mg because as you mentioned in your original post the lower the dose, the less side effects. Also, what would you say the worst long term side effect to deal with that you have is? Is it just the extreme dryness? Because that's pretty common Thanks
  5. false dilemma? I wonder what percentage of accutane users get sexual dysfunction we may never know because of how under reported it must be I also wonder if there is any way to remedy the situation afterwards
  6. Would it be worth it to try an option like levulan before definitely committing to accutane?
  7. http://i53.tinypic.com/2ldab7q.jpg http://i56.tinypic.com/2gv8q5w.jpg
  8. I first started breaking out with acne when I was 13 and I have tried just about everything-every prescription antibiotic, lots of topicals including proactive and dan’s regimen, and various supplements but I have persistent cystic acne. As a side note-it also improved quite a bit when I stopped drinking milk. I am extremely self-conscious because of my acne and not very confident-it’s just so frustrating. I have been contemplating Accutane for a while but have always talked myself out of
  9. Are the rest of his products balanced? Where does he state this? Thanks for the help
  10. I'm not questioning the safety of BP, but rather the effect it has on the ph of your skin http:// www.excitris.com/2006/04/21/acne-a-question-of-ph/
  11. Is it true that Benzoyl peroxide treatments ruin the ph balance of your skin and once your skin gets used to it, the bacteria just buries itself deeper into the surface where the BP can't reach it, causing deep cystic pimples/boils?
  12. Would taking an antacid as a source of calcium negate the effects of olive oil or omega-3 in this regimen?
  13. Should this topic be pinned because the regimen seems so well researched?