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  1. A little update: I have Androgen-related acne and I'm trying to get pregnant so I can't take most meds prescribed by a dr. However, the Erythromycin is just starting to "kick in" (about 2 weeks into it) and I'm seeing a slight lessening of the acne on my jawline where it was the worst. A few side effects though: stomach ache sometimes and a little irritable (not sure what's going on with that!). I can deal with these though. Also, I should say I'm using a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide day and night
  2. thanks acne_victim and snwbrdchck02 for your input. I'm crossing my fingers that things change soon but I'm also learning to accept this "challenge" as it were. thanks again for the support!
  3. Never found a concealer I loved, but I do really like these new concealer pencils (big, fatty concealer sticks) at The Body Shop. I got one to match the skin on my neck for the cysts that have been popping up there lately, and another to more closely match my facial skin. Point is, you HAVE TO MATCH YOUR SKIN COLOR EXACTLY or there will be shadows around the bumps. Also, get a concealer brush. It helps to blend whatever concealer you choose.
  4. First of all, are you getting a makeup artist to do your makeup? I didn't and wished I had. Just because I woke up the day of my wedding with a big zit and couldn't do anything with it. Tried to put hot water on it and pop it but it just got bigger. Then I had only my own stupid makeup to try to cover it up. It sucked. However, the photographers did a fabulous job of keeping me in the best light. I told them that my skin sucked and I am self-concious about it and they said not to worry. They
  5. For me, glycolic definitely helps with the small stuff, but the big ones don't budge with the Glycolic. Also, because it's an acid you should start using it every other day at first. After a week you can go to every day but if you notice your skin becoming annoyingly flaky (even with good moisturizers) then go back to every other day. I use Murad and I swear my skin is very clear where I don't have the damn cystic acne (in other words, my forehead, nose, and upper cheeks are clear as day!) G
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will just become a Mum (as frances says) and go back on the pill as soon as I can. It's been about 6 weeks of really bad skin so far and even though I can't say I'm "over it" I'm definitely learning to accept. I keep thinking about how many horrible things I could have instead of just acne. It really could be worse, although it doesn't always feel that way, especially when I look in the mirror. Question for Acne_Victim: Is the aldactone safe during preg
  7. Both a makeup artist and a model swear by using hemorrhoid cream on zits, cysts, etc. to take the swelling down (as logic would apply, that's what hemorrhoid cream is for). I've been doing this for about 3 weeks and it seems to help a bit. I dab it on (I was told not to use a lot at a time) after washing my face and let it dry before putting on makeup. It seems to work for about 5-6 hours which gets me through most of my work day. I just use a generic brand and you can always order it from dr
  8. yes, I highly recommend it. I just went off of Ortho Novum 1/35 (a very low dosage) about a year ago and my skin is breaking out like crazy now. I started when I was about 19 and now I'm 34 so I missed all the bad acne all those years. Granted it was a huge surprise for me to have this cystic acne come upon me so suddenly but I really think the pill was helping balance me out all those years (granted I did have some breakouts still, but they were less than once a week). Now, I just have to hurry
  9. Thanks for the input Mandala. Yes, I've been working on figuring out my priorities (and in what order) for about a month now, ever since I started breaking out like this. I've been on the pill for 15 years and went off last year. I literally just started having this cystic acne in January 2003, so this is new for me. (although I've always had somewhat of a zit problem but never ever this bad). So anyway, I'm almost 35 years old and I have to decide: Hold off on babies until I can get this cys
  10. I just posted over in the "Over the counter" msg board as well. I was just given a prescription to Erythromycin for my horrible cystic nodular acne supposedly caused by Androgen imbalance. I can't take Accutane because I'm trying to get pregnant. I'm going on a vacation in two weeks and I was wondering if I could expect any change in my skin before then if I start taking the Erythromycin now. Does it even work on advanced cases like mine? Thanks!
  11. I just started taking Acnease which I got over the internet. It's an herbal treatment for acne. I've got the worst cystic acne I've ever had and It's freaking me out. I'm about to go to Mexico for two weeks and I look like garbage. Dermatologist said mine is cause by Androgen imbalance (it's on my jaw and neck mostly). He prescribed Erythromycin but since I already started taking the Acnease I was wondering which way I should go: Keep working on the Acnease or start the Erythromycin. I can't