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  1. poppin_maniac

    day 3

    so yesterday went pretty well. i remember popping maybe one or two on my face but i did that fist thingie that you all told me to do if i got the sudden urge and i kind of worked for me. HOWEVER, today sucked. I went maybe two seconds before i was stratching my back pimples, and my chest pimples were bugging me so much i just had to pop every one i saw. AND MY FACE :mad: ive tried soo hard to step away from the mirror but it doesnt help. its wierd, im washing my face and everything is
  2. poppin_maniac

    Day 1

    Alright, day one. Its 3:00 when i came to this site and checked it out. GOAL ::: I WILL NOT PICK MY FACE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. I have this habit of relieving stress when picking pimples. I need to also find another way to do that so i don't pick at my face, chest, shoulders, and back. I know this sounds weird, but i also like seeing how much pimple juice I can get out of my face. especially my nose and hairline. (Weird, dont judge) anyways.... HERE I GO! thanks!