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  1. Sorry that you're feeling this way, but I want to remind you that every one else in the derm's waiting room will be thinking about themselves, their day, their own skin problems. At most, they will notice your skin for about a 1/2 second. The receptionist at my derm didn't even look at me and just handed me some forms. But be nice and polite to everyone and they will like you and think you're a good patient. You can't control a break out but you can control your behavior. (I am always SUPER
  2. Sounds like you have body dysmorphia about your acne. I think I've suffered from this in the past as well (although mine was not just skin, but also figure related). I highly recommend rational emotive behavioral therapy. Going to a therapist is good, but you do the exercises yourself. You have recognize that stuff that happens in the world (i.e. your red marks, some mean person's comments about your skin) and your emotional reactions to said events are not over-determined, but you can contr
  3. Where do you live, Mirrfiak? I used to live in Minnesota, and the only days I didn't run (when I was more hard core) was when it was below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but I still walked around outside when it was -20! You just need to get over the mental hump of being outside. Right now it is 32 degrees in NY, and I run with a long wear top, a zipup polyester sport pullover, a thin nylon shell, ear warmer head band, and running tights (and wool socks!). Try it and I guarantee you'll warm up in 5 m
  4. Ugh... people, why are we being so mean to her?? She's obviously newer to this part of acne.org so we need to be nice and help her. Terica... basically we just wanted to know what you consider a healthy diet. Because a lot of people think that they are eating healthy but they arent... you could have food sensitivities that youd ont kow are breaking you out. There are some people on here who cant eat specific foods because they will break out.... while others CAN eat those foods and not break
  5. Honesty, everyone is different, even people who share similar genes. You don't know if your brother's acne could be worse if he didn't eat healthy. His diet probably helps with his over all health, but there may be different issues at play. Just because your skin is similar and you eat a more standard American diet, doesn't mean that your health is better. Just as one beer can make my poor mum pass out from the alcohol and my 250lbs brother barely even blink, different things effect people
  6. I hear you on the frustration. I still break out sometimes, and I'm 30! And I have a professional job now, and I know that the acne and oily skin make me look super young (hopefully in a genius/prodigy way, right?) Right now, I don't have too much pain but I still very super self conscious about my red marks. I feel unattractive, and I usually feel quite attractive. But I know it will heal and I am not defined by my skin. Unless I let it define me. Good luck, and try to keep a positive att
  7. Some people are just really boring and have nothing to say. I typically laugh and say, "Yup, it happens up sometimes," and shrug. That way you're not encouraging said behavior, but not being rude either and said boring person will move on to the next boring topic. "Hey, did you know the sky is blue?"
  8. I found that going off gluten took a few months to start showing improvement. I've read a lot of books about acne and it seems that acne takes a while to form, so any natural methods (diet, exercise, supplements) will take a while to have a positive effect. Give it 12 weeks max. And in the meantime, see if you enjoy other health benefits. I like not having so much post nasal drip and not getting sleepy immediately after lunch, as I used to. Like just about any acne treatment, diet changes ta
  9. Hey, I run every other day about 3 1/2 miles. I find that running helps with stress reduction and over all well being, which can in turn positively help with cortisol levels and hormones. Keep it up. Fitness is super important for mental health reasons. I am not so concerned about looking fit or thin as I am about how exercise helps with my over all health (my skin being the weakest link).
  10. Hey there, sorry to hear about your suffering. I am not a doctor, but it sounds like you've put your body through A LOT the past decade. A lot of synthetic hormones, medicines, stress. I don't know about Essure, but check out on google/message boards whether other women have had similar experiences. As for the dry/scaly skin, that is very typical for tretinoin. Many people have good outcomes with it, but you have to go through an initial break out. Basically, it sheds your skin at fast rate
  11. Congrats! Such great news. I have also been (mostly) off gluten since September. I've slipped up 3 times (once was thanksgiving), but I'd say I'm about 90% gluten free (1 or 2 cheats a month). It makes me so gassy that it's not worth it. Here's to a fun summer on the beach!
  12. Bek_cogent, what field are you in? Or are you still a student? I agree that many contexts, this matters, but in many fields, wearing make up will lead to negative assumptions. I'm in higher education. Throughout graduate school, female students who wore make up were seen as unusual and buttoned up. We were all very natural, almost scrubby looking. I've heard similar things for scientists and some non-profit workers. It really just depends. AshleyNicole, I think it's possible to get a jo
  13. Um, I hope that no one is slapping anyone that they are in a relationship with. We're not toddlers, right? We use our words (and do it kindly). But to answer to the OP's question, I don't think you should share prescriptions with your fella. Antibiotics aren't a joke, and you could be in serious trouble if there were complications with him taking the pills. I recommend that he try to regimen, which a lot of folks around here seem to have pretty good luck with. But the most important thing w
  14. AshleyNicole, I agree with you, but I think that many people agree Bek_Cogent. (I used to read "Body Language" books with a good friend of mine who is a fellow acne sufferer, and he told me not to wear make up, because make up to him seems unconfident. My husband also doesn't like make up, so I abstain most of the time). I don't know if who's old enough (or dorky enough) to remember the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings, but one of the weird things that the media st
  15. Hi Matthew, I have, but I only take medicine that is given to me by an acupuncturist/herbalist. You can try self-medicating, but for me, acne is tied to stress and anxiety, so I am getting treated for these general concerns and (slowly) clearing acne is one of the effects of this treatment. One common medicine prescribed for acne is bupleurum, which you can get on amazon or at Vitamin Shoppe. Just be aware that natural means (as well as other means) of treating acne tend to take a while. I