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  1. Hey all. I haven't posted for a very long time, but I can proudly say I have been product-free for months now- my guess is 6. Firstly, it feels so so easier. It's funny, taking out a few skin care products managed to take so much stress away. I don't need to worry about waking up that extra bit earlier, bringing cleansers to friends houses when I stay, or having to wait before bed so the BP dries off. I do not need to worry about my pillows being stained (mainly because all of them already hav
  2. Yep! I don't know, haven't been too active at all anymore. The forum doesn't really help me anymore, but if I can help some people, I might stick around. Agreed, washing once a day I've seen better results than washing two or more times. In terms of flakiness, mine has definitely decreased. I don't really experience it anymore, even after a hot shower. The texture of my skin is also looking good, a lot better than it ever was actually. While washing, my forehead was just so bumpy with skin co
  3. I started off the regime washing it once with warm water in the mornings, having a shower around 5pm and then washing it once again before bed, usually around 10pm. It took me a long time to realize that I didn't need to wash that often, so now I'm just wetting my face once: in the shower around 6pm. I've definitely found less irritation by just washing once. I've been doing this water only for probably 2 and a half months now and the dryness for me has ups and downs. It pays to stick with it!
  4. Aw, definitely upsetting to see you leaving! You really were valued by so many posters and you definitely became a favourite poster in my case! I really owe you (and avoiding regular examining on my behalf) for the self esteem I have that is now resurfacing. It's definitely been a long journey and I have the utmost respect for you for helping myself and others, while some people on this site made you less than welcome. I'll try to keep posting here every few days, but myself I don't see the need
  5. Seems like things are going well for you! I've had a pretty hectic, stressed filled few days, escorted with alcohol and KFC. Thankfully no break outs! So happy to wake up this morning with no troubles. I've still got some minor flaking on a few places, notably my forehead and a bit of my cheeks. I'm planning on shaving either tonight or tomorrow night, hopefully it won't cause any irritation. Glad I stuck this out!
  6. It happens. I had a weak moment last night too. I woke up and my cheek was so incredibly itchy. I don't touch my face at all. I go in to a mini panic attack when somebody else does, so for me to voluntarily violently rub it with the sheet... something must've been seriously itchy! Let's hope we're both fine. Maybe it's important to have break downs like that just to realize what's important: which is the guilt you get after it! I've never really been a picker/ scratcher or anything along those l
  7. Woooo for success stories! So what's your skin like now? Do you still get the occasional break out?
  8. That's not good... though you said it's all getting better, so it might be? Haha. I think the biggest thing we need to remind ourselves in regards to the red marks is that they DO fade away...with "time". I'm incredibly impatient, but I was looking at photos I took of my skin in March and just examining now they've faded relatively quickly! I just wish I was at the stage where my skin just wasn't an issue anymore. I've seen great progress, from painful cystic pimples on my cheeks, to a few ti
  9. Forehead cleared up and now it broke out again! Probably a bit more nasty than last time too.
  10. I'm pretty relaxed about my diet, mainly because I don't have full control over it. I still live with my parents, so I'm eating whatever is on the plate. However, I do make the conscious decision to avoid foods I know are generally unhealthy, like chocolate and donuts. I do have days where I indulge though, which I think is a good thing. At a time I think I definitely was too controlling over what I ate and I am now aware when too much is... too much. - Ashley, my chin was never really the w
  11. The verdict after the day of the evil burgers.... is actually good! I didn't really have a break out... at all. Which is very odd (but also totally awesome). My remaining spots are clearly... slowly but surely. I've noticed a bit of irritation near my jaw. They seem to be in the developing stages and I don't think will come to a head, though they're not painful at all. I've noticed my skin is peeling on my chin, which is strange because I thought my dry spell was over. I've always kind of like
  12. So, I've had a pretty good day. I thought I'd just leave an update on my forehead, just so I can keep a document myself (you know, just stealing your blog and all). My forehead is going well, I think. I'm not sure whether pimples and a reduction of redness is categorized as a good thing, but remarkably it looks better. I've probably got five or so pimples within the same area right smack bang in the middle of my forehead. It looks... brilliant. The redness surrounding it has definitely decreased
  13. I second that you must talk to him before you go insane!!! I've gone through similar phases with people too, admittedly. In a way, it's kind of exciting just not doing anything and exchanging the glances. The problem with me is I don't know when to stop. There's always the stare, they notice, then I get anxious and look back to see if they're looking at me thing...which they usually are. It's really uncomfortable. I've also got the creepy factor now, accompanied with obsessive staring. Have you
  14. Things on my end are going well! My forehead has mostly cleared up and I didn't wake up with any spots worth worrying about. I've got a few nights in the next few weeks where alcohol will be involved, so I'm just hoping that doesn't set me back. Whether my skin is going downhill or as a result of the alcohol, I always wake up after a night drinking with break outs. Not fun. Still itchy as hell though!
  15. Just extending on my last post, things are looking up...potentially. I woke up and looked in the mirror and my skin looked mortifying. I checked again in twenty or so minutes and it was significantly less red. It made me feel better! Do you still wake up with new pimples? I can usually still guarantee waking up with two or three new pimples a day, though the question is how bad/deep they are. Usually, I'll find I'm a bit more broken out in the mornings and most of the areas heal by night time to