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  1. No, you will not find anything like this...not that is legal and legit, anyway.
  2. I just wanted to say after reading the OP I went out and bought the regenerist night cream...I've only been using it a week now and my skin is SO much smoother! It is pricey but totally worth it. I have very mild scarring (think orange peel texture) and this cream has already improved it more than I would have ever thought possible! Thank you so much for suggesting this!
  3. I also went into my derm with the intent of getting IPL done to clear my numerous red marks. She said that IPL would not help at all for them, and that I should get a series of chemical peels done instead. I don't know about the "aladdin" peel, but I am getting 6 vitalize peels done. I have only had TWO so far out of the 6 I bought and the results are amazing. My red marks are quickly fading (which I never thought possible), my skin is so smooth and I have no existing acne even though I have onl
  4. I also use Lancome Teint Idole Ultra and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This is coming from a girl who has seriously spent hundreds of dollars on searching for the right foundation - one that covers well AND will not break me out. I will never again use anything else. It is expensive, but worth every penny...and then some!
  5. Yup!! Use BP no doubt...I have tried A LOT of things over the years for my acne (I'm 23 also) and Dan's Regimen is the ONLY thing that has ever worked!
  6. How come everyone is ignoring, what I feel, is an equally important issue here? ...How can your boyfriends mother MAKE you remove your make-up? Honestly, if my boyfriend's mom said anything to me about my face or my makeup (especially what to do with it) I would tell her to shut the hell up. Maybe you can excuse yourself to the bathroom at night, do your regimen (whatever that may be) and just use light cover-up on your darkest spots to feel a bit more confident? I wouldn't recommend sleeping in
  7. The regimen has definitely helped me with my hormonal acne!
  8. I had VERY little acne before going on the pill...but after I quit I had what my derm considered moderate (in my opinion it was severe).
  9. I had been consistently using birth control pills for 10 years when I decided to stop taking them, my skin was completely clear until the 1.5-2 month mark when it went CRAZY!
  10. I don't know if this is necessarily the "right" way to do it (if there is a right way)...but I always do the complete regimen, moisturizer and everything...then let it dry. THEN I put a little dab of AHA on my spots. Otherwise, if I do it right after the BP I feel as if the moisturizer moves the AHA all around instead of concentrating on the spot that needs it. Just a suggestion!
  11. Haha, thank you!

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say but didn't have the energy to write.
    2. Could I use this with BP or no?
    3. I'm so sorry you are that stressed out right now. All I can say is that i've been there - and find myself in that place a lot if I don't watch myself. I know its hard, but try to put aside some time from your busy schedule each day and do something that is relaxing and that you enjoy. For me this is going for a walk or doing yoga. I hate to say it, but there is little that other people can say that is going to make you feel better. Comments and suggestions from others might give you a temporar
    4. I am in a very similar situation. I have only been on the regimen for 2 months but the itching is driving me CRAZY! You wake up itching your face at night - I do the exact same thing. Its so irritating. Every week I wait for the itching to subside and it does not. I have actually tried scaling back on the BP but then I break out (I need the full amount to keep me clear)...if you find anything that helps let me know. Sometimes I put a bag of frozen peas on my face for a few minutes to take away t