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  1. Ok So I am almost done with my first month of 10mg accutane once a day. My skin looks alright at this point, a few pimples have popped up here and there but tend to go away within a few days. My lips are a little chapped and my skin is slightly dry but my scalp just looks ridiculous! Ive always had dandruff but not to the point where there are large chunks separating from my scalp! I try to put coconut oil on it and I use head and shoulders in the shower but I don't know what else to do! I o
  2. This is wonderful I am so happy for you for finishing! I hope all goes well from here and I am going to look into the product your use for scaring and discoloration because I have a lot of that. Thank you for sharing your experience
  3. I would stay away from repeatedly taking Tylenol but Ibuprofen is ok. I am just taking it easy on everything, no medications or alcohol unless I REALLY need to. Coffee always helps with my headaches
  4. Hey! I went on Loestrin 24 Fe too for about three months. I did it for the same reason, acne! But I was told that for the first 6 months that it would only get worse and then finally it'll slowly get better and better. Three months into it I decided to switch to Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo because my doctor said that I would get better results from it....and two months into that treatment I decided to also go on accutane because I was not seeing any positive results. Now I am on both and I just cant
  5. Wow you are so beautiful! I completely understand not wanting to go to work because of this. There are days I would be embarrassed to go to the hospital because I would fear my patients' reaction to my face. But now with accutane you know that this is temporary and all you need is patience. Best of luck with your treatment
  6. I guess my face DID NOT explode with acne. The two pimples on my left cheek are disappearing. Overall my face doesn't look too bad, my skin looks bright white due to the lack of oil but I have various small pimples here and there. I guess I feel like a normal teenager getting a few pimples (except I am 22 years old hahah)
  7. Oh no, its not a problem. This only means that you guys are looking out for me, and I really appreciate that I got two pimples on my left cheek today not a happy camper right now especially after being almost clear for two weeks. I guess I should expect all hell to break loose on my face in the upcoming weeks....ohhh noooo
  8. Thanks! I am still in my first month, who knows, he may up my dosage after the second month. He's treated hundreds of patients this way and was quite successful at it so I am not really worried. Anyways, if the blood tests come back abnormal I am willing to stop immediately. I am very happy with the results so far
  9. Hahhaha actually there are many people on 10 mg a day for longer than 6 months. I am taking it under the watchful eye of a dermatologist what I did though is that I bought it from out of the country so I can afford it, then went to a dermatologist here and asked him about it. I consulted with two different dermatologists, one here and the other in my country (where I bought the medication) and they both agreed on 10 mg a day for up to 10 months. I bought 14 just in case I lost a box. Also, afte
  10. Hi! For two years I refused to go on accutane because I was afraid of developing depression. I am a nursing student and I cannot afford to have something as pointless as depression get in the way of my future. I was afraid of suicide, because lets face it, living in NYC isn't the easiest thing in the world. I didn't want to go on birth control because I feared the mood swings and the weight gain. But most importantly, I couldn't afford to pay for this ridiculous drug that was only going to ruin