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  1. Hey everyone! I haven't been on the boards for a while, mainly because the regimen cleared my moderate acne in 2010-2011 and I no longer had to be concerned about my skin. It took 5 months, but I got there, and my skin was so radiant I frequently got compliments on it! My skin hadn't been that clear since elementary school. The clarity came with consequences, and for me, that was extreme dryness. My skin never acclimated to the amount of BP necessary to keep the breakouts away. So using the
  2. Let your BP soak in, then wash your hands and apply moisturizer under your eyes FIRST...then put moisturizer on the rest of your face.
  3. Hey everyone! I've been on the regimen for 9 months now and it's completely cleared my skin. I don't even break out during my time of the month anymore--it's great! However, my skin still gets so dry. It flakes and looks scaley and the texture is just...not normal. I only use a little over 1 pump of BP morning and night, and I use intensive moisturizers at night that help...but still, some days I get so dry I don't even know what to do anymore. Should I reduce my BP even more, or how should I g
  4. How do you guys manage the regimen during the summer when water's the best part of it? I love to swim. Tons of my friends have pools and lake houses, we have a lake in our neighborhood, we're going to the beach in a month, and we hit up a water park at least once every summer. And I can't just make sure I swim in the morning and do the regimen after. I know I'll have days where I'm in the water all day...so I can't seem to find a way to make the regimen work. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. I have a hard time finding the right kind of foundation and that BB cream looks like a perfect match for me Where did you buy yours? I saw some on Ebay but I don't want to buy a fake and most of them are ridiculously expensive there. I also saw it at Sasa but I live in Europe and Sasa has killer delivery fees to Europe so I'm looking for an alternative with cheaper delivery fees... Paying $40+ for a $12 BB cream seems a little silly to me I bought it from Amazon! I can't remember the price
  6. Not to mention it's amazing how not noticeable even FOUR pimples are when the regimen has made you clear. Like I was 100% clear the other week, but then I started my period and got four pimples, and even then I was perfectly fine without wearing makeup to a pool party. When I looked in the mirror, I could hardly tell I wasn't clear.
  7. I use and love the BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. It's the only liquid "makeup" that matches my skin. Not only that, but it smells good, feels good, and offers great coverage. The thing about it is, it matches MY skin...and I'm seriously as white as white can get. Soooo, it might not be for you if you've got a tan goin' on. In fact, if you're tan, then BB cream might not be the way to go at all considering most of them only come in one or two pale shades. There's a youtube video of these two girl
  8. - I would use both a moisturizer and a primer. No jojoba oil under makeup--too oily. You can use it the night before, though! Just make sure to rinse off the residue the next morning. - For full coverage, both. If you want to choose one, I'd just use foundation (but that's just me). I love L'oreal's True Match Naturale mineral makeup and mineral concealer. I like it more than the high end foundations and concealers I've tried, so that's saying something. - To cover red blemishes, what works be
  9. The secret to applying mineral makeup (which I find to look a ton more natural and flattering as opposed to liquid foundation...although that could be because I have yet to find a liquid foundation that matches my milky white skin tone) is to build up the coverage. I pour a tiny bit of my mineral makeup into the lid of its container. I spread my brush around and around in it really really well, and then I buff it onto my skin, all over my skin. I usually do it with my eyes closed, because for wh
  10. After I moisturize, I wait a while and then put on Monistat Chafing gel. IT SOUNDS WEIRD, but it's like a $6 product you can buy at a drugstore that is comparable to high end primers. Anyway, I do that and it really helps with the balling up issue. Then I apply Loreal Bare Naturale mineral makeup with my bare minerals powder brush. I've experimented with makeup a lot while on the regimen, and this seems to be my best fit. <3
  11. I have worn makeup almost every day that I've been on the regimen, and it still got me clear...so I say go for it!
  12. Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D3 Zinc Evening Primrose Oil
  13. Hey everyone! I'm not new to the acne.org boards, but I am new to the vitamin side of acne prevention! My question is, do certain vitamins reverse the benefits of another? Like if I took Vitamins A, D, E, and Zinc, (and maybe B5...maybe not) would that be too much? Would I receive the benefits of each? Thanks so much, guys! Please leave the vitamins you've used and how they've helped as well! Researching vitamins for acne can be so hard, because apparently there are SO many that help...and of c
  14. I didn't really "stop" breaking out until month five! Just hang in there!