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  1. Gemma, Have those injections decreased the redness in your scar?
  2. happy*gal, I started with 50% two times and then 100% two times. Not all of them are gone completely, but they all look so much better. I have to take a magnifying mirror just to tell where most of them were.
  3. happy*gal said that scarred pores are permanent, but that is not true. TCA CROSS has wiped out the majority of mine. just wanted to put that out there.
  4. Colonel, Did you take an antidepressant during your Accutane course? If yes, what was it and how much did it help. I have always had a problem with being depressed long before Accutane, but it is stronger now. My skin is clear, but something is still off. Thanks for your help.
  5. I am just writing to see if ExtremeImports and Stefany are still pleased with their results from dermabrasion. After some TCA and alot of budgeting I am going to see Dr. Y. Hopefully by Christmas. Hope things are still just as great for you guys. David
  6. Arnie, who did your dermabrasion? How much did it cost? Most of my scars are really shallow, so 90% sets off alarms. The good kind I mean
  7. I was just bumping this message to see how your dermabrasion healing phase is going? Hope it went well.
  8. Was this a wire brush dermabrasion? What kind of scars are you working on? I have read your other posts about 50% improvement with TCA CROSS, but can't remember what types of scars you have. Thank you and good luck with your healing. David
  9. Where is everyone getting their bentonite clay and psyllium husks from? JC makes these sound so crucial, so I want to do the shakes the week before and after my flush. How much will that take? Thanks guys. David
  10. If my scars disappear when I stretch my skin, are they going to see really good improvement or is there a chance they will be unnoticeable?(after however many Smoothbeam treatments I needed) I have gotten so down lately reading a few posts from people who think they will always look bad in certain lighting. I know that perfection is almost impossible, but when i stretch my skin my scars are gone. I have such shallow scars(left over from Accutane), it seems to me they can be greatly reduce
  11. RustyMetal, How would you rate your improvement at this point? Which type of scars is the treatment helping the most? FromChicago, I have read around 40 to 50 percent for you. Where are your scars located? Which have improved the most? I know my questions are obscure, but you guys are my age so they are relevant. I am on a researching mission until my six months to a year after Accutane is over. Thanks for your help. David
  12. I am on my last month of Accutane. It has worked incredibly on acne, but there is some scarring now present. One is a short cut from falling while skimboarding: ) This one does not bother me very much at all. Problem number two is a spot where I picked at a cyst for a week near the beginning of Accutane (in September I think). There is still a pink spot there and if I stretch the skin it turns a little white. I am guessing this means it is bound down. The rest of my scars look like pores.
  13. From Chicago and RustyMetal, How old are you?
  14. no difference. i am on the same brand at week 11. no new pimples for two weeks now.
  15. my face still is not too dry at 10 weeks, but my lips are cracked if i skip the aquaphor at all. i carry it around with me everywhere: )