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  1. Hi, I have read a lot of information on here about how combing BP and retin-a render the retina unstable and less effective in the process. My questions is Will using a BP wash prior to applying retin-a also render it ineffective or is it only when a BP topical is applied in conjunction with the retin-a. I have been using a prescription BP wash prior to applying retin- a for a whole with very good success but I am wondering if perhaps I could achieve total clarity if I was not using them toge
  2. I 100% agree with you, especialyl since alot of people jus thave a naturally red complexion it, i mean it is definitley better than having acne
  3. yeah im sorry if i was un clear if you stop using retin a the redness will go away, but when i did that the acne came back too i meant as long as you use the retin a cream you will have some redness
  4. You serious? I really don't want to be red that whole time lol Well let me say this: I still have a red tone to my skin and I dont think that will ever go a way as long as I am using retin -a. however I cannot really remember how my red my face was when i initially started years ago (just realized it wasnt 2.5 years ago it was 3.5 years ago but I didnt really get officially clear until i had been on it a year) but I am probably alot less red now. So you can probably expect for your f
  5. Bro I have a similiar reg than you only i use bp wash instead of topical with retin-a. I have been using it together for 2.5 years the red face never goes away. as long as you use the retin-a you will be red. I have ben clear that whole time and few times I deviated to see if I could stay clear using something a little easier / genlter I broke out again so I stay on this and accept people asking me if I just worked out hahah....the only good thing is I do workout alot so most of the time I sa
  6. How often do you use the retin-a? Once a day or more often? My regimen is similar to your and it has worked well for me but i have been doing it for almost 3 years (clear for the last 2) Is the BP wash a prescritpion or over the counter...I have found a major difference in quality results and less irritation between otc bp and script bp! What does your shaving routine consist of if any?
  7. Hello Everyone, I have been a member of this board for years, but have not been posting on here in about 3 years because I have been completley clear. I recently had a question that I could not find an answer to so I decided to return and share my story in the process. I have acne for about 7 years an tried everything on the shelves to no avail, however I will say that my acne was never thaaat bad. It was very stubborn but out of respect to those who are suffering some serious cases on here
  8. I am currently deployed and was wondering if it is possible that simply the type of water can break out your skin or clog your pores. Being deployed I often move around to different forward operating bases and many have different levels of water purification, or in the army alot of times they will bleach the shit out of the water to make it safe, some places do nothing and it is full of bacteria. Is it possible that different water can clog pores or break out skin? I am going to start washing
  9. Okay this is the third time this has happened to me in the last couple of years with three different products but I will go ahead and exlain this most recent one. I was using a 5% BP wash and tretinoin at night, and while it was working okay i wasnt compeltely satisfied. Then one day i left my wash in the shower and it got thrown out I didnt know what to do because it would take time to get more. I started using this antimicrobial hand soap called MICRELL. Anyway instantly my skin cleared
  10. Can someone shed some light please? I am currently on Doxy 200mg a day, BP 10% wash and using tretinoin .1% cream at night. I started using the Doxy about 6 months ago, and the retin-a about 3 months ago. I noticed all the normal behavior on the retin-a like the initial breakout and the follow on clearing but even though it seemed to really help I never got fully clear. Finally it seemed like my face was getting really clear and then I went home on r and r from my deployment. When i came
  11. Here is my story maybe some one can chime in with either a recommendation or an answer that I sound like a candidate for Accuatne. I started getting acne about 5-6 years ago. My acne has been consistant and stubborn but mild to moderate only on the worst days. I have tried many different over the counter combinations from harsh porducts to easy on the skin products. I have also taken minocycline, doxycycline, retin-a and retin- a micro and clindamyacin. My acne never really gets horrible th
  12. Hey all need some help real quick please, I have been using retin-a cream now for about 2 months and so far the results are pretty good but they could still be better. Need to know a good moisturizer to use while using retin-a cream toprevent dryness and flaking. But most importatnly was wondering a what a good face wash to use with retin-a cream is. I currently use 10% BP wash from glades it is a prescription but it is not prescribed by a doctor. Wondering if anyone has any success usin
  13. I tired the tomato soap....I loved its smell, lather, and the way my skin felt afterward but it clogged my pores up bad...i even gave it a second chance a few months later...same shit. At first my skin got real clear and the i noticed my face was full of clogged pores. I wish had worked better causei loved it
  14. My wash regimin is that old soft bristle brush and soap method, which still works well for me despite what many other say, but thats not what im here to tell you about. I recently noticed that while my face was doing well i wanted to unclog my pores some more. I like SA but i hate leaving stuff on my face overnight, and when i use the SA pads i dont know about you guys, but if i wash my face and then use a pad all my blemish are so red, and my face is red and gross and shiny, and i dont like
  15. Im just confused becuase you can buy all kinds of washes that are OTC and contain 10% BP as their active ingredient. However I know glades makes a great 10% bp was that is scrip only...why they are the same main ingredient and that ingredient is not a prescription so how can they make it a prescription im just curious becuase i tried that glades as a sample and liked that 10% bp wash alot but it pissed me off becuase i realized its scrip only now what a pain in the ass to go try to get a scrip