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  1. I would not use it at the same time. One in the morning and one in the evening.
  2. They are not that dark but still visible. Red blotchiness on my cheeks. At the moment (since 2 weeks) I am using a topical product with niacinamide/vit b3 (google: niacinamide, red blotchiness). I hope it will help to even out my skin tone!
  3. Ik gebruik nu Yes to tomatoes shampoo, die is wel fijn.
  4. Ahh wat een verademing, lekker in het Nederlands! Ik gebruik sinds kort een crème van Paula's Choice (RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator). Ik las namelijk dat niacinamide (vit b3), wat daarin zit, goed is tegen puistjes en rode vlekjes (door puistjes) en daarnaast de talgproductie kan verminderen. Dit ingrediënt zit ook in sommige producten van Uncover (Jetske Ultee) maar PC is goedkoper (ja we blijven toch Nederlanders he ;-)).
    Should help with red marks, red blotchiness and acne. Sinks in real nice. None yet I have used this product for a week now and I like it so far! I have oily skin but it sinks in really fast. I will review this product again in a couple of weeks to tell if it works for my red marks and blotchiness.
  5. I've ordered some samples of this and it does feel good on your skin! My skin is VERY oily so I don't really need a moisturizer, but this product sinks in fast. I hope it will help with my acne marks en red blotchiness! Do you know how long it will take to see results?
  6. Isn't it better to use Differin/metrogel at night and PC in the morning?
  7. Can somebody tell me what's the difference between sebum excretion rate (SER) and casual sebum levels (CSL)?
  8. Has anyone tried this new product in de RESIST range of Paula Begoun? This is what it says: lnnovative formula for those struggling with wrinkles and breakoutsEncourages a radiant, spot-free, even-toned complexionProven ingredients stimulate healthy collagen productionPotent antioxidants help defend skin against damaging free radicalsNiacinamide improves skin tone, texture, and colorSilky lotion texture hydrates without feeling greasySuperb for use around the eyes (use in place of your eye cre
  9. Is that a tear in you eye in the before pic?
  10. Hi Tim, I really like to read these studies. Can you give me the url or the title? Thanx!
  11. multi vit iron vit c vit d vit e fish oil borage oil probiotics magnesium/calcium selenium/zinc l-glutamin
  12. I'm almost clear on Differin but my skin is still very oily and I can't use Differin all my life so... I hope this will help! Other things I'm doing: eating healthy (but I always do): no candy/fast food, no dairy, no pork trying to reduce stress (meditation, therapy) every night a clean pillow case washing my face every morning and evening supplements: zinc/selenium, multi, vit c, vit d, vit e, l-glutamin, probiotics, inulin, omega 3, evening primrose, iron