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  1. i've just added another cleanser to my regime - hydron microdermabrasion face cleanser. i just love the crystal beads which act as exfoliant n yet gentle to the skin.
  2. dont stop ur retin A. it should be use continuously for at least 6 months to really put ur acne under control. after that, use it once or twice a week even ur face is totally clear from acne. i was told by my derm that retin A is good in reducing wrinkles too. if u start using it at such a young age, u will still look fabulous when u turn 40
  3. i started using duac in the morning n retin A at night since last july. my acne cleared up (90%) within 2 weeks. duac also reduces redness effectively. one thing i hate the most is my skin peel like crazy but the peeling part no longer persist after 3 weeks. try to consult a dermatologist since u dont see any result after five weeks. maybe u need some other cream to treat ur acne.
  4. try hydron microdermabrasion facial cleanser. it contains self-adjusting crystal beads which will not harm ur skin layer, unlike scrub which might cause over-exfloliation. my face is clean, soft n fresh after washing n it is so good to touch when i apply moisturizer. highly recommended. http://www.hydron.com/product_p/hc101.htm
  5. i just bought myself fish oil, 1000mg, 2 days ago, upon recommendation by my derm. i have terrible oily skin, but i can also see symptom of peeling. my oily skin problem has shown slight improvement when i started light therapy with my derm for my cystic acne. but the problem is there - oiliness! surpringsly, only 2 days consuming fish oil, i noticed that when i wake up in the morning, i dont see my face covered with thick n shinny oil, instead my face is smooth to touch, i can tell when i wash
  6. i'm using duac in the morning n retin-A at night, i prefer duac compare to retin-A although i dont have any problem with both. try to use duac in the morning n skip epidou for, say, a week. see how ur skin react.
  7. neostrata clarifying cleaser - works wonders on my cystic acne.
  8. i had breakouts since i was 18 n i'm now 26. i've been through treatment with a skin specialist, proactiv, facial treatment, over the counter products and nothing works. imagine all the deep n pitted scars left over on my face. i had several occasions of breakouts n the last i had was in june this year. out of desperation, i did some research online n finally made my move to see a derm in end of july. i did a skin analysis at her clinic n i was told that i have grade 3 acne (highest is grade 4).
  9. what i understand is that a patient who is consuming accutane is not advisable to undergo laser treatment. i really dont understand why ur derm prescribed accutane for u. i seriously think u should take vitamin c instead of accutane as vitamin c produces collagen which speeds up the process of healing.
  10. try neostrata clarifying cleanser, it works wonders in treating acne try neostrata clarifying cleanser, it works wonders in treating acne
  11. try mosaic laser, my derm told me that mosaic laser is good in targetting existing acne as it destroys oil glands. i dunno how effective mosaic laser is but i'll do it this nov.