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  1. Two days of using it twice a day and my skin is better than it was after two weeks of BP. The redness from my nose and cheeks has disappeared, my skin colour is now completely even and not blotchy, the redness of my acne has almost disappeared and they are reducing in size, I haven't needed to moisturize at all and there have been no harsh side-effects. This is incredible.
  2. I have too much tea that I know what to do with, so I decided to give this a try tonight. If it works as well as it has been reviewed, this is a very cheap alternative. I used a blend of about 75% chopped green tea from standard tea bags and 25% loose-leaf green tea, Jasmine flowers and pear. I also added some 100% natural blackcurrant juice for antioxidants and just a touch of honey, perhaps a half a tea spoon and of course the salt, I used rock salt I think it's a bit coarser than sea salt, I
  3. I have about fifteen days until an event that I want to look my best at. I have moderate acne, blackheads on my nose, papules and pustules on my lower jawbone, above my eyebrows and a few on my cheeks. It's in no way severe, but still with around 15-20 spots on my face as well as countless blackheads on my nose it's really bugging me, it's been happening since I was fourteen, I'm twenty now, it has been much, much worse in the past, but I still want to clear it up as quickly as possible, even if
  4. I started the regimen. First day: Everything went fine, no pain. Second day: A little burning when putting the BP and Moisturizer on. Third day: Severe burning when putting the BP on, skin a little red. Fourth day: Severe pain when putting BP on, lasted about a minute. The same effect when putting moisturizer on. Face looks and feels sunburnt. Needless to say, I'm taking a break from the regimen. This is my second day off and my skin feels really dry, but it's not red or burning. My skin is
  5. I've got six hours to get rid of a newly forming pimple. What do I do? Preferably with things just around the house.
  6. This has probably been asked before but are there any products for men to cover up acne or instantly reduce redness? I don't really plan on getting makeup, even if it's made for men, because I don't fancy being ridiculed by everyone I know. But is there something similar? Is there anything?
  7. I'm planning on ordering tomorrow, so if anyone can help me out to find a decent sized 2.5% BP cream other than the Acne.org one that'd be great.
  8. Okay thanks. Can anyone tell me a 250 gram 2.5% benzoyl peroxide product other than the Acne.org one? It'd cost me over $50 just for one 8 ounce Acne.org benzoyl peroxide bottle.
  9. I live in Australia so postage is killing me. So I want to know, what's the better deal? The Acne.org regimen using Acne.org products (three products, 226 grams each) - $54. The Acne.org regimen using replacement products (Cetaphil Cleanser 500 grams, Cetaphil Moisturizer 500 grams, Sudocrem Treatment 250 grams) - $53 (I couldn't find a benzoyl peroxide treatment in the quantity available by Acne.org in Australia and Sudocrem seems to be trusted.) Will the replacement one work as well as the