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  1. Cool story, bro! Your theory would be correct, except for the fact that his regimen has helped clear my skin better than anything else, and I've had the same hope in every other product. After seeing Proactiv commercials three years ago, I thought it was a miracle cure, so I tried it. It worked horribly. Where's your placebo effect there, dragon? And just a quick question: Are you one of those people that gains happiness in thinking the exact opposite as everyone else, just to be defian
  2. Not very good advice. Doctors give you prescriptions that do nothing but irritate your skin. Right...and putting on a "finger's length" of BP twice a day isn't irritating at all..... Doctors can give you ADVICE in addition to prescriptions.
  3. I just hate that people have to put themselves through 5-6 months of torture before they find any sort of success. Acne is emotionally and psychologically damaging. This regimen seems like its taking advantage of acne sufferers and making them think that this regimen will cure their acne...when in reality they should really consult their doctor. I'm less worried about the validity of the "success stories" now. Happy some of you are able to enjoy clear skin.
  4. Read the hundreds of pages of people who havent had regimen success. I'm not the only one. Also read a book on creating compelling arguments.
  5. Is that an argument? People are desperate and ask him to make something, so he does...and you buy it. He didn't invent BP.. How is every one so unwillingly to believe that there MIGHT be something fishy going on?
  6. Oh, look at Mr. Smartypants! You must be so much smarter than us dragon! I mean, just look how creative your username is! I wish I could understand your full post, but my tiny brain couldn't comprehend all of your words. On another note, I find it funny that you insult the grammar of users on this forum, and yet you couldn't even capitalize the thread title. And the reason we took your comment personally is because you are saying that Dan is trying to scam us. You must be right. I'm sur
  7. Starting to sound like a broken record. All good cult leaders brainwash their followers to think the same.
  8. This site should also have a "nightmare story" section next to the success stories.
  9. It is a little concerning that all of you are very cynical about your derms. Trust your docs, they are trained professionals. Dan is not a doctor. His "regimen" is basically telling you to gently wash your face, apply topical treatment, and refrain from overly touching your face during the day. Nothing groundbreaking there. I was on accutane for about 6 months and it cleared my skin 100%. I've been off of it for a couple months and a couple pimples are starting to form. I considered the "regim
  10. ya'll are pretty judgemental. it was just a thought, no need to tell me im paranoid or anything else. is this stuff FDA approved can someone tell me?
  11. another question: why are you people still on this message board so frequently? if my skin were as clear as you say yours is...i would not waste my time in these forums. the fact that this guy wants you to use a ton of his product twice a day just seems too fishy. why wouldnt medical professionals tell you to use such large amounts? has scam written all over it
  12. exactly, its just a simple product... thats why all these miracle success stories seem a little far fetched and generic.
  13. and i dont think you are a sales person, i think the owner is. and i think hes doing pretty well for himself. no comment on your grammar
  14. im not bashing anything. im just expressing my opinion (you are entitled to yours, so let me be entitled to mine please) the fact that there are so many people on this site is what really made me question the legitimacy of it all. Im happy the regimen worked for you. I just thought id post my thoughts to see what others thought. Why arent these products available in stores by the way? I think this Dan guy is a nice guy who may or may not have had acne problems and is a pretty good business
  15. i notice you reply a lot in these threads. I waited a long time to post my opinion. I respect your opinion/story but i remain skeptical because 1. i dont know who you are 2. i dont have proof you were on the regimen 3. you could just be a part of the conspiracy i developed take any sales class and they'll tell you the best way to pitch your product is by acknowledging competing products and then make your case for your own product. not sayin, just sayin'
  16. Cant help but wonder if this "regimen" is not just a scam for the owner of this website to cash in on? Sure, he has pages and pages on "success stories"...that all sound extremely generic. If it meant I could make a lot of money by writing one or two fake 'success stories' a day, then why wouldnt I? Could it be possible that all these stories are forged in order to sell all the regimen products? He seems very intent on not pushing his products off on you, he more or less just makes them avail