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  1. White rice most of the time, it's organic. Thanks! I've done peels in the past but at home and they didn't do anything:/ I don't want to get them now because of the tretinoin. I've had wild rice before and it's great, just expensive. It doesn't make sense lol I know it's just difficult to substitute. I sometimes eat quinoa. Thanks! I don't have insurance right now so BC is out of the question and I'm afraid that it will make it worse. I can't use BP because of the tretinoin
  2. Thanks! I don't eat cereal or bread and cook with coconut oil. Is it bad that I eat rice basically every day? What about eggs a few times a week?
  3. Hi everyone! Long time not posting on here but I haven't stopped lurking. I still have acne, it started at 15-16 and here I am 20 years old and in college with it still being a burden. I am currently using a PocketDerm cream which is basically tretinoin, vitamin B5 and azaleic acid. It's been working really well I've been on it for 3 weeks and a lot of the acne has subsided. Acne doesn't want to go away on my neck, forehead and around my hairline and sometimes on my cheeks. I sometimes get HUGE
  4. GodLovesMe.

    My holy grail!

    My holy grail!

    balances oils & dries out pimples quickly. Doesn't look greasy. REDUCES THE PAIN IN CYSTS/PIMPLES!! Slow process to completely heal skin, but that's normal. I have had acne for 2-3 years, cystic, moderately-severe. I had lost hope so many times and truly thought I'd have acne for years to come. After doing extensive research I came upon this oil (again, because I had heard of it years ago) and decided to try it as another attempt. I bought a big bottle in Whole Foods' cooking section, nothi
  5. I really sympathize with you because I'm going through very similar things. My acne started when I was 16 and has been steadily terrible for the last 2 years. I'm going to start college in 3 days and it's a scary thought. I want to be a doctor as well and I'm just another person here to tell you not to give up. It's difficult not to give importance to it but try for yourself to do it. Don't waste these amazing years ahead of you, live your life, and one day you will see that you don't need clear
  6. I 100% get where you're coming from, probably more than you know. It's really difficult to have trust in God when we feel so miserable and awful both on the outside and inside. Your problems may seem like the world's biggest but they aren't. God gives different people different challenges and it's because He know you have the strength! Stop dwelling on your skin, stop picking out the bad things in your life, and concentrate and the blessings God has given you and WILL send your way. I recently s
  7. Thanks! I have tried olive, coconut, argan and emu and none of them did anything, except coconut which broke me out in whiteheads. I'm glad TTO works for you, it has never done anything for me. I don't advise you to start using bp unless you're super desperate (actually, the walmart brand of proactiv kept me clear for like 2 weeks). It has just damaged my skin in the long run. You might actually want to try a quality salicylic acid peel then! If most of your acne is comedonal then exfoliation i
  8. I'm sorry you're going through this, it sucks big time. I'm in a similar situation about to start college (but for the first time). My acne was pretty severe in the beginning of the summer with lots of cysts and everything else in between. Right now I have 2 cysts (both healing nicely) and about 3 whiteheads. Needless to say I've improved. I suggest you stop damaging your skin with tea tree oil, if it's as sensitive as you say it is by it getting red with a face wash then tto will only burn it.
  9. Well today was the 3rd day and my skin is the same. I think that I just have tough skin/marks. It hasn't peeled or anything...I am guessing I have to leave it on for more time. Each time I've done it, I've been terrified. I think I will just finish off my LA peel (which incited *some* peeling last time I did it) which is somewhat safer.
  10. I just did the peel, I'm using this one: http://www.amazon.co...f=cm_cr_pr_pb_t I did two layers, each 1 minute, for a total of two minutes. When I finished I applied Neosporin. I'll update on the results!
  11. No, my skin didn't frost the first time. I didn't do it yesterday, I'm going to have to do it tonight if the recuperation time is 7 days. Thanks for all your help.
  12. Thanks so much Lee I got it yesterday and I only put it on for 30 seconds. I'm thinking of doing it again today for 2-5 minutes? Should I? I just want to start peeling because I don't really have down time except for this break from school. The bottle said to only do it for 30 sec if it was your first time....I guess I misunderstood, I've done 40% LA peels like I had said. My skin didn't react strangely or anything.
  13. Glad you're starting! Good luck. Day 6 this is great, I did a peel yesterday and I'm flaking all over so i really can't touch my skin at all.
  14. I know this kid that has the worst acne/scars that I've ever seen, he loves life, pretends he has nothing, is always cheerful, and everyone loves him. It all has to do with personality, maybe acne was a way for us to see that. I'd much rather know someone who is sweet and kind and has acne, than someone who has perfect skin but is a rude and immature person. Trust me when I say that everyone thinks this way. At least the people who matter. I love to think of this verse when I'm down: 1 Samue
  15. HI everybody About a year ago I tried a 40% LA peel, but I soon gave up on it because it didn't improve my skin. A few days ago I was reading some reviews and decided to further research chemical peels. I soon saw that the LA peel was quite mild, probably not potent enough to do anything to my skin. Just today I ordered a TCA peel, in 12%. It took me a while to decide whether to get that or a salicylic 30%, but I went for the TCA. Is the tca too dangerous or strong for me to try it? I
  16. Guys, if you don't look people in the eyes you will stand out. Just like what you said, if the girl had had a smile on her face, you wouldn't have noticed. I know several people that have severe acne and are still smiling all the time and don't even care. No one else does either and I don't even notice their skin because they are genuinely nice people. By looking down and acting weird, we only draw attention to ourselves. I know it's difficult but I challenge and triple dare myself to look peopl
  17. I picked yesterday! This truly is difficult. My motivation is clear skin though. DAY 1 AGAIN. So glad for you Yaritza1!! Keep going
  18. Hi everyone! Sorry I stopped updating this thread. I couldn't even finish my 30 days and it's driving me crazy. There are days when I don't pick, but sometimes I do. My skin is looking much better lately because of my new regimen, but I know i'll ruin it if I don't stop. So here we go again, DAY 1. Promise to update no matter what. Glad to see some people have been doing it!
  19. I used to use so much makeup that It's actually embarrassing to think about it now. Once my skin got better, I've been using much less. I try to cover about 80% of it, I'd say. Enough that I feel comfortable, but not so much that people think I have perfect skin. It's not worth it just because it's pretty obvious all that make up is there if you have cysts (you can cover the color, but the bumps are still there). I've also been using less makeup ever since I started to use Colorstay (about 5 mon
  20. Do you touch your face at all? I have trouble believing it got so severe on its own. Try using aloe vera gel as your cleanser and only use soap once/twice a week. Drink 64-80 ounces of water a day. Cut back on meat (not including fish) and dairy. Once the inflammation is reduced, I would begin using something to actually treat your skin. But at the point that it is now, I'd leave it alone till it heals. Try doing avocado masks a few times a week. And, stay away from putting "hot" things on yo
  21. Zinc diet. it works I tried zinc a while back and it didn't really work. What does your diet consist of exactly?