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  1. Not sure about their tanning qualities but the tinted moisturised by MD Formulations is great for a nice coverage and not too much oiliness
  2. I have just skimmed your post - I have not heard much about jojoba oil however I use Decleor's ylang ylang and other essential oils and it really soothes my skin. Don't use it every day just a few drops before my moisturiser in the morning and I have noticed a reduction in my oiliness!
  3. So sorry you are feeling like this. Unfortunately I am rubbish at ideas as acne is a new thing to me at the age of 27! But I find the Decleor ylang ylang range is very good for oily/black head skin and their night balm although dear really clarifies my skin. I don'r use it every night though as it can clog the skin up! Hope you feel better
  4. Morning - PanOxyl wash Night - Decleor Special Cleansing Gel
  5. 27! Never had acne until now Please please acne go away and don't last through my entire adult life...
  6. The PanOxyl face wash and aqua gel - I've started using them both now so hope I see results....!
  7. Hello, Just a quick introduction. I am 27 year old female (Indian origin) so have medium dark skin. I have had beautiful skin all through my teens and early 20s however recently (last few months) my skin has gone wild with spots, particularly the jaw and cheek area. My doctor is assessing that it's hormonal. He has put me back on the contraceptive pill (Marvelon) and Zineryt. I have been using Zineryt for a month now and I know the results can take months however I was reading about benzoy