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  1. I understand your fear, i had an appointment with an NHS derm a few monts ago and it happened to fall on a good period for my acne. The derm was eastern european and it was difficult to explain how my acne made me feel and how bad it can get. I came out more disapointed with myself though, i should have been stronger and tried harder to explain the situation. I felt like she said it wasn't very bad and i went along with it and left. I have since seen a private derm with has and still is costin
  2. Hi Abigail I couldn't handle the waiting anymore and unfortunately i felt there was a massive different in the service i was provided from the NHS to the private derm. I mean yes you expect to be seen sooner and at a nice posh building or sometihng but the actual advise i was given by the NHS was completely rubbished by the private derm. For example the private derm said he would not of taken me off the anti's until i started Roaccutane but i stopped a few weeks ago and subsequenly my skin is
  3. Hello I just thought I’d put a post together with some info that was difficult for me to find when I was researching about accutane/ uk dermatologists but private and NHS. Some quick background info. Sex - Male Age - 27 Years Old Acne - Mild to Moderate for just over 2 years Antibiotics - Tetrastline 2 Years May 2009 – May 2011 .Definitely helped change my moderate acne spells to mild but still not clear Topicals - Zineryt, Finacea 8 Weeks on both. No Change I saw an NHS derm after a re
  4. Hello I wish this post could be more positive but here is my experience. I started getting adult acne at the age of 25. My acne was mild 70% of the time and moderate the rest. I went to the Dr. and he prescribed me Tetralysal 300. That was just over 2 years ago now. I took my last pill yesterday, i do have a repeat prescription but i also have a derms appointment in a week and want to be off them before i go. Below is my experience of the time taking the anti's 0 - 2 months Gr
  5. Hang in there Happyfeet. I tried the regime for 8 weeks and my face was still really bad. Funny thing was it did clear up the active stuff but left red marks (to be expected) and severe dryness. I was using a different BP that i've heard isn't as good as Dans. I sometimes wish i'd stuck it out another 4 weeks to see what would have happened but i just couldn't cope with the dryness anymore. The reason i say hang in there to you tho is because its only been 3 weeks and you have to give it more
  6. I only developed adult acne during winter 2009 and it definatley improved during the summer of 2010 and got worse again winter 2010. Not sure if this is a trend that will continue but there was a noticeable different from the swinter to the summer.
  7. Thank you jimmy188, you made my point perfectly. Acne isn’t a condition that actually requires treatment. Not on a medical level anyway. There is an immeasurable amount of people in the world that live with acne, having never seen a doctor. There acne, if left untreated will not cause them any physical disability and/or death. So why treat it at all? Yes undoubtedly severe acne causes more physical pain, but I’m not sure I have heard this as the main reason why people want to get rid of
  8. Hello I was just wondering if anyone had any views on why Accutane for the most is only given to severe acne sufferers. Surely the basis for given someone Accutane should be the how its affecting the person physiological level.
  9. Wow fella reading your post was like you were explaining my Acne. I'm currently on Anti's but am seeing the derm in a few weeks and want to discuss AC. I figured that because my acne wasn't that bad just persistent he would just wave me away but you have given me hope of at least having the option to take it even if i decide against it. Best of luck with the course, i'll be following your log for sure.
  10. I wanted to give an opinion from someone who tried it and quit. I have mild acne and decided to give it a go. I was on the regime for 3 months and it didn't work for me. The worst part was not knowing my skin anymore if that makes sense. I experienced severe dryness and no real improvement over the 3 months. I got acne in places where I hadn't had it before, it didn't make it worse it was just in different areas. The reasons for quitting were because the dryness which was painful and so itchy
  11. And its good that your concerned. It means you wouldn't enter into anything without finding out all the details first. The problem with just having mild acne if your similar to me there will be periods of good skin and then periods of horrible skin. This makes it pretty difficult to assess if what your trying is actually helping or if your skin would of acted like that regardless. Its just my opinion but 99% of tratments are usless and come with there own skin causing issues. BP for example.
  12. Hello and welcome Its difficult to see from the pics the extent of the problem. The first thing you should do is go and see a dr. he'll be able to tell you what he thinks is best. Maybe anti-biotics, thats what im currently using however these are just a prevention not a cure and then they don't completely clear you either. I still find it worth while using them tho. There's also the regime you could try as well. I did for a couple of months but couldn't put up with the dryness and my acne is
  13. I'm giving it up to today. I've been on the regime for 2 months too. I felt at the start it was helping but now my face is just the same. I only started with mild to moderate acne that would go through good phases anyway. It so hard to tell if the BP any. My flakyness is still pretty bad and i still breakout. I'm not saying the regime or BP doesn't work, there are far to many sucess stories for it not to, but for me it hasn't and the worst thing of all is i have no idea what my skin is doing
  14. Hello I'm using Panoxyl 2.5 gel and the simples range for cleanser and moisturiser. I've been on the regime for about 2 months and had the odd breakout. There isn't supposed to be an initial breakout and i didn't suffer one. Its difficult to tell sometimes when your putting nes products on your face if its the products or ifyou would of simply broke out anyway. Just give it time.
  15. I've only been on the regime for a couple of month but when i was doing my research into BP on this site and others this question popped up a couple of times. The answers were aways the same. No skin cannot get used to BP in the sense that it stops working. Just what i read.