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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself:) I started getting acne at 23 now I'm 28 and I've finally winning the battle!! Hopefully this crap will be gone in a couple more months!!
  2. I choose having clear skin but being really ugly!! Acne is temporary even fi it last a few yrs with the right treatment it can be beat!! But UGLY ain't nothin u can do about that. I have acne and a bit of scarring on my right cheek and I always hear I'm pretty despite the acne. It goes something like "oh she has acne, she can't help that, she's still pretty" I'd rather hear that than get no attention at all! Besides I statred Antibiotics(Minocycline) 3 wks ago. Using a mild cleanser, milder tha
  3. Have u been to a dermatologist yet? If your acne is bothering u this bad, u should talk to your dad/mom/stepmom; let them know how u feel, and ask them about setting up an appointment. Sometimes it can take months to get into some docs. I called 11 til I found one where I could get in as a new patient the next wk. He's about a half hour away but worth it.
  4. I had my first derm app ever on the 6th he put me on a wash for ex-sensitive skin and Aczone for spot treatment in the morning and tretinoin 0.05% at night; sometimes I use a the Aczone at night and didn't have any type of reaction. But they were just very small spots. He also put me on 200mg of minocycline daily. He told me to apply nothing else but my make up. I e had no trouble with the tretinoin, such as redness, dryness or flaking. I don't even have to use a moisturizer. I'm having a bit of
  5. This is Soooo true! Having ac e doesn't make u any less attractive than anyone else!! NeverPaysAttention: u sound JUST like my husband when he is giving "pep talks" he says the same things to me, "having acne is only temporary, it's doesn't make u less attractive" "hold Ur head up high"
  6. Yeah, he has me on 200mg a day for the next 3 months, that's when I go back and see him. Regimen: AM 100mg mino....wash with lipid free ex sensitive skin wash, bought from him. Spot treatment with Aczone and cetaphil moisturizer, if I need to. And then mineral make up- Jane Iredale, which is for ppl who have had laser procedures or sensitive skin Pm 100mg Mino....wash with lipid free. Then apply retain a I also use a Clairsonic brush and a blue led light. He told me he was gonna hit it h
  7. van Gogh had type 1 bi-polar:) he's my favorite painter:) him and Henri Matise(not bipolar, just other fav painter)... They were friends I believe it was Matise he was trying to attack during one of his manic episodes and turned the blade to himself cutting off his own ear. Supposedly the foxglove and other herbs he took for his condition, could be the reason he saw/painted halos around objects! Did my final report on h for my Art His 2 class!
  8. I think that might be the type 2. If u google bi-polar disorder it tells u about the diff types!
  9. I'm type 1, I think it is, my mood can change within minutes! Really! I was diagnosed about a year ago. I see a very good doctor. U should see one as well, if u think u might be. Especially if u cycle rapidly, like I did/do w/out meds. It's a pretty common disorder seeing as how there's 3 different types, I believe!
  10. I know how u feel. I never thought that much of my acne/scarring, until ppl started pointing it out or commenting on it. I mean really it's not bad at ALL but the more ppl do things like that the more self conscience I become!!
  11. This won't solve the problem before Ur event but I would schedule an app w/ a derm and get on an antibiotic. I too have cystic acne and have kept it at bay with IPL's and laser treatments it's starting to develop again so I went to the derm and got on Minocycline! The anti is Soooo much cheaper than the lasers and less painful. Good luck. Sometimes they're not as noticeable on the chin area. Best of luck to u:)
  12. Couldn't agree more!! That's what I always say about ppl who talk about others. They have nothing better to talk about cause they're boring...eg a friend of mine, tho I don't care for her much she forces herself on me bc I'm nice enough to put up w/her. She has no other friends, y? BC she talks about others:)
  13. I just started it a wk ago. No IB yet, fingers crossed, I'm also on Minocycline which might be the reason as well. U need to give it at least 6 wks!! I'm on my therapy for the next 3 months, thats my next app. Dec 6 was my 1st ever Derm app. I can already tell a difference in my skin. U should never stop a treatment a doc puts u on!
  14. Been on it a month now and can tell a difference in smaller pimples But recently went to the derm and got on Minocycline for the large, painful, everlasting cysts that I started developing again this past summer. Nothing seems to help them so this therapy might be better for milder acne. Which it did help my mild break outs http://omegafishoil.org/use-vitamins-and-s...-help-cure-acne My regimen as of Dec 6 (first ever derm app) 100mg Minocycline Lipid Free cleanser for ex sensitive skin i